Bigg Boss Season 13: Insecurity Emerges Between Paras Chhabra and Shehnaaz Gill
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Bigg Boss Season 13: Insecurity Emerges Between Paras Chhabra and Shehnaaz Gill

In the Bigg Boss Season 13 nomination episode, Paras has to choose between saving Shehnaaz or Mahira, causing conflict between Paras and Shehnaaz

Monday’s episode of Bigg Boss Season 13 puts the power of nominations in the hands of the male contestants.  Each male contestant is given the option of two female contestants.  The two female contestants stand in a nomination window and the male contestant decides which one he would like to save, closing the window on the other option – therefore nominating them.  Seeing as this will be the first for-eviction nomination of the season, the contestants are all charged about saving themselves and staying in the game. 

Earlier in the episode, Mahira and Shehnaaz try to make amends, Mahira clearing with Shehnaaz that she and Paras are just good friends, while Paras approaches Shehnaaz and tries to declare his feelings for her. Later, Shehnaaz confides in Aarti, telling her that she overheard Paras discussing how he purposely has been trying to make Shehnaaz jealous by flirting with other girls, including Mahira and Shefali.  Later, in the task, Paras Chhabra is given the option of Mahira Sharma and Shehnaaz Gill, two women with whom he shares a good bond, but do not share a warm bond with one another. Paras talks to Shehnaaz and accuses her of being insecure, since he isn’t the jealous type and does not mind her speaking to other guys.  Shehnaaz states that if Paras were her boyfriend, she would not allow him to speak to other girls.  Mahira defends herself and tries to sway Paras her way by saying she will be loyal to him throughout if he picks her.  Hearing this, Shehnaaz becomes angry and says that she will not show loyalty to anyone.  Paras reacts badly to this and says that she is not the only one with feelings and slams the window on her, therefore nominating Shehnaaz and saving Mahira.  While Paras and Shehnaaz are immediately seen making up, remorseful for their behavior, the housemates have a word with Shehnaaz individually and are seen pointing out how she behaved badly. 

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Siddharth Shukla is also asked to choose between Aarti Singh and Rashmi Desai, two women with which he shares a good equation.  While presenting their case to Siddharth for being saved, Rashmi states that she will try to get to know Siddharth more while Aarti says that she has gotten to know Siddharth so well within a few days.  Siddharth, to the surprise of many, chooses Aarti to be saved and therefore nominates Rashmi. Once inside, Rashmi questions Siddharth for nominating her and throws a pillow at him. 

Later, Siddharth Dey is asked to choose between Dilljiet Kaur and Shefali Bagga and while he makes an obvious choice by choosing Shefali, he crosses a line when he takes the opportunity to discuss how the housemates cornered him in the previous episode and drags Dilljiet’s son into it.  He states that she would not like it if a group cornered her son like that and nominates Dilljiet.  This turns into a fight between the two.

It seems as though nominations will continue to follow a different and triggering path this year, allowing for more controversy.  

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