Bigg Boss Season 13: Highlights of January 18, 2020 – Salman Khan Confronts Paras Chhabra
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Bigg Boss Season 13: Highlights of January 18, 2020 – Salman Khan Confronts Paras Chhabra

On Bigg Boss Season 13, Salman Khan has an exchange of words with Paras Chhabra, exposing his game, discussing his relationship with Akanksha Puri and his mother’s words about Mahira Sharma

On Bigg Boss, Weekend Ka Vaar episodes are always episodes that viewers wait for excitedly, eager to see which contestants receive a much-needed reality check.  While contestants live in their own world throughout the week, this interaction with Salman Khan provides them with feedback and the opportunity to look in the mirror - while sometimes the feedback given makes the audience angry.  Regardless, it's always fun to watch the contestants interact with individuals outside the house and this week is no less.

As the episode opens, viewers see Salman Khan watching clips of Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh from the week, including their volatile fight.  He says that he’s very excited to talk to the housemates, especially Vishal and Madhurima, as they’ve made this week exciting to watch.  He enters the house through Me TV and immediately says that watching this week was interesting as the real sides of the housemates were revealed.  Salman tells the two that they’ve done everything on national television, so any new boy in Madhurima’s life and any new girl in Vishal’s life will know what they are about. 

Salman Khan in Bigg Boss Season 13

Salman Khan in Bigg Boss Season 13

Salman asks the housemates about Madhurima and Vishal’s relationship and the housemates weigh in on the situation, saying the two feed off of each other and provoke each other.  Sidharth Shukla says that when he fought with Rashami Desai, they stayed away from each other, but Vishal continues to move around Madhurima.  Salman shows the clip in the house and Shehnaaz Gill is seen laughing at it, finding it humorous.  Salman calls her out, saying she must approve of such behavior, because she also slaps Sidharth in the house.  She quickly goes quiet and Salman announces that Vishal has gotten his wish, Madhurima has been evicted from the house.  He tells Vishal that he could have stopped this from happening as he had been warned previously to show Madhurima respect and treat her with kindness.  After Madhurima leaves the house, the contestants all begin discussing the situation and most believe that Vishal was equally responsible for what happened.

Later, Salman Khan shows photo shopped images of Arti Singh and Sidharth Shukla together, laughing and saying Shehnaaz must be feeling jealous.  He also shows a video of how Arti meddles in the problems of others and the housemates laugh.  Salman turns his focus to Asim Riaz and begins discussing Himanshi Khurana with him.  He tells him that Himanshi’s fiancé broke up with her after seeing their behavior on the show.  He says that it was not his place to get in between a long-term couple and he had even warned Asim of this before.  He verifies that Himanshi is now single and it’s his duty now to make sure this is a good situation for her and be there for her.

Some guests visit the house and liven up the environment.  Karan Singh Grover is the first to enter and Arti Singh tears up seeing him.  She hugs him and he tells her that she’s making everyone proud outside.  He also gives Sidharth Shukla advice on how to manage his anger and tells the housemates that his wife’s (Bipasha Basu) favorite contestants are Asim, Shefali Jariwala and Arti.  He hugs Arti again before leaving the house.  Vindhu Dara Singh is the next to enter the house and encourages Paras, saying he’s good.  

Vindhu shows his support for Sidharth, telling him he’s playing well.  He tells Rashami to get back in the game and focus.  He also tells Mahira to put some space between herself and Paras and play an individual game.  Gautam Gulati is the final guest to enter the house and Shehnaaz gets excited seeing him.  She hugs and kisses him and Gautam jokes that Sidharth is watching, but Shehnaaz says that she doesn’t care.  The two dance to “Dil Diyan Gallan” and Gautam jokingly dances around Sidharth and the contestants laugh.  When Gautam leaves, Shehnaaz makes Sidharth smell her hand where Gautam kissed it and Rashami and Arti discuss Shehnaaz’s antics.  Arti asks how Sidharth handles this and Rashami says he likes this kind of behavior.

Bigg Boss Season 13: Highlights of January 18, 2020 – Salman Khan Confronts Paras Chhabra

Salman goes back into the house through Me TV and questions the contestants about the visits they received.  He moves on to Paras Chhabra and questions him on his words regarding Shehnaaz’s father.  Paras denies using a particular word for him, but Salman tells him that he’s been taking liberties in the house and playing with Akanksha Puri’s feelings.  Paras tells Salman that the creatives have been making an issue out of this, but Salman asks which creatives and clarifies that these are his actions.  Paras says that he has wanted to break up with Akanksha for a long time, but she doesn’t want to.  Salman says that Akanksha has called him herself to ask what’s happening, but Paras says that he and Mahira are just friends.  Mahira says everyone is overreacting and she knows everything.  Salman gets angry with Paras over his tone and Salman loses his temper, saying he will come inside and Paras will not like it if he does this.  The two say they will keep a respectful distance and Salman says that he respects them, but they need to give respect.

After he leaves, the housemates discuss Mahira and Paras and Shefali is seen talking to Rashami about how she’s said that they should stop sharing a bed.  Sidharth tries to tell Paras where he needs to improve and change his image.  Shehnaaz jokingly apologizes to Gautam Gulati on camera for being over the top and scaring him.  Paras talks to Shehnaaz and apologizes to her for anything regarding her dad and Shehnaaz tells him that she doesn’t care and to forget it.  She tells him that he should keep playing his game and she enjoyed meeting his mom.  Paras says that he tried to unite Mahira and Shehnaaz, but it didn’t work.  Shehnaaz says that it’s okay, but she needs to keep her distance from him now.

With Karthik Aryan and Sana Khan entering the house tomorrow as guests and a fight emerging between Rashami Desai and Mahira Sharma, tomorrow’s episode promises to be an entertaining one.

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