Bigg Boss Season 13: Highlights of January 16, 2020 – Shehnaaz Gill’s Father and Mahira Sharma’s Mother Have Words For Paras Chhabra

Bigg Boss Season 13: Highlights of January 16, 2020 – Shehnaaz Gill’s Father and Mahira Sharma’s Mother Have Words For Paras Chhabra

In Bigg Boss Season 13, the families of the contestants visit the house and talk to their loved ones and Mahira and Shehnaaz’s parents tell the girls to keep their distance from Paras

In Bigg Boss season 13, the housemates continue to receive visits from family members.  While the last episode saw Arti Singh’s visit from brother Krushna Abhishek, the remaining housemates have yet to meet their loved ones.  In the latest episode, Mahira Sharma, Shehnaaz Gill and Asim Riaz are the lucky contestants to meet their families.

As the episode begins, Mahira Sharma’s mother enters the house and Mahira excitedly runs to her.  Mahira’s mother hugs Sidharth Shukla and Arti Singh, saying they are nice and tells Asim Riaz that he’s like Mahira’s brother.  After meeting Rashami Desai kindly, Mahira’s mother approaches Paras Chhabra and says that his friendship with Mahira is nice, but his girlfriend Akansha is also nice.  She says he should stop kissing Mahira, because she and her family do not like it and also tells him that Mahira can fight her own battles.  She tells Shehnaaz Gill that her friendship with Mahira is good and she shouldn’t fight with Mahira because of Paras.  Later, Mahira asks her mother why she said that to Paras and her mother tells her that he has a girlfriend outside who is a nice person and they do not like this kissing.  Mahira tells her mother to talk nicely to Paras and when they go back out, she gives Paras a hug and talks kindly to him.  Sidharth jokes that Mahira made her say all this.  She hugs Arti, telling her that she would love to be invited to her wedding and asks Shehnaaz to be friends with Mahira again.  Shehnaaz tells her that she will be there for Mahira.

While Paras and Mahira discuss Mahira’s mother’s visit, Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli’s fight resumes when Madhurima tells him his level is that of a prisoner.  Shehnaaz’s father is the next to enter the house and he hugs her before meeting the contestants.  He asks Sidharth if she’s bothering him too much and he laughs, saying she always does.  Later, when talking to Shehnaaz privately, he tells her to stop what she’s doing with Sidharth now and focus on her own game as he wants her to win.  He also tells her to stay away from Paras, as he’s an enemy, not a friend.  He tells her that while people like SidNaaz, it’s not appropriate to do this here in the house.  He also says that Mahira is nice, but Paras talks badly about her and fills her ears.  He hugs Sidharth, but has words for Paras and Arti, telling Paras to stop creating problems between the girls and tells Arti that she should stop the misinformation between Sidharth and Shehnaaz.  Shehnaaz apologizes for her father after he leaves.  Shehnaaz talks to Sidharth about what her father said, saying that they need to have a limit as that’s what people like watching.  Mahira questions Paras about his past words about her and Arti tells Shehnaaz that she won’t get involved in her matters anymore.

Shefali Jariwala’s husband, Parag, is next to enter.  They have a sweet meeting before Parag hugs Paras and then moves on to Asim.  He makes clear that he minds his words about Shefali and he won’t tolerate it.  He also tells Asim that someone is waiting for him outside, later telling Shefali that it’s Himanshi’s message for Asim and that she has broken up with her boyfriend.  The contestants outside try to guess and Parag comes out and clarifies that it is Himanshi.  Asim is happy hearing this.  The contestants discuss it with him and Asim admits that he doesn’t want to be the reason for her breakup, but Shehnaaz says no boyfriend would accept that.

Rashami talks to Vishal about Shehnaaz’s visit with her father and gets emotional, missing her own father.  Shehnaaz and Mahira talk about what Mahira’s mom said and Mahira agrees that they should get along.  Shehnaaz also tells her that her father told her to stay away from Paras.  Later, Paras tells Mahira that he was mad at what Shehnaaz’s father said.  Mahira tells him that if someone doesn’t like him, they will say it to him.  Rashami and Arti tease Asim about Himanshi and he is in shock, happy that it’s happening.

A new day begins and Sidharth is seen asking Rashami if she wants tea and she says yes, asking him to bring her a cup.  Shehnaaz talks to them about how dirty her father said the kitchen is and funny words ensue between her, Sidharth and Rashami.  Later, Arti talks about Arhaan with Rashami and says that she looks desperate, saying in her place, she would never have taken him back.  Rashami gets emotional and tells Arti that she’s right.  She gets upset and cries about not getting anything easy in life and says she is dying emotionally.  Arti consoles her, hugging her and tells her that everything will be okay.

Paras continues to complain to Mahira about Shehnaaz’s father’s words.  Asim talks to Shehnaaz and Sidharth about Himanshi, saying he has missed her so much, he sprays her perfume every day.  Sidharth jokes that this won’t last more than a year, but Asim says that he doesn’t change that quickly.  Shehnaaz and Rashami get into a tiff and Rashami accuses Shehnaaz of taunting her regarding her past.  Rashami tells Shehnaaz that she’s crossing her limits and cries.  Sidharth asks Rashami what is wrong and tries to console her.  She asks for water, so he gets it and gives it to her, jokingly singing a song to lift her spirits.

Asim jokes with Arti that her mother-in-law is coming, talking about Sidharth’s mother.  Arti says that people like Sidharth and Shehnaaz, so what does she have to do with it?  She says that she wants to get married, so don’t spoil it just because he has Himanshi now.  Asim says he was just joking and Shefali tells Arti to calm down.  Shefali checks on Vishal and feels he’s in a lot of pain, but Madhurima says he’s not even hurt.  Vishal and Madhurima get into a fight again and Madhurima throws water on him.  While the housemates stop Madhurima, Shefali tells Vishal to stop instigating her, because she will react and he won’t like it.

Asim’s brother, Umar Riaz, enters the house and hugs Asim.  He meets everyone in the house nicely and then takes Asim into the room to talk about things privately.  He tells him that he is trending every week and people love him.  Asim is happy hearing this.  Asim asks him about Himanshi and Umar tells him that everything he’s hearing is a lie.

With Sidharth’s mother and Rashami’s family entering the house tomorrow, it is guaranteed to be an entertaining episode.

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