Bigg Boss Season 13:  Highlights of January 12, 2020 - Salman Khan Takes a Jibe at Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla
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Bigg Boss Season 13: Highlights of January 12, 2020 - Salman Khan Takes a Jibe at Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla

In Bigg Boss season 13, Salman Khan vocalizes his displeasure with Shehnaaz Gill and ignores her after she misbehaves with him and the Chhapaak team promotes their film

In Bigg Boss season 13, tensions have been high in the house in the past several days, particularly between Shehnaaz Gill and Mahira Sharma.  With the bitter word “jealous” floating through the air, Paras Chhabra and Sidharth Shukla have been seen adding fuel to the fire, unintentionally or intentionally causing misunderstandings between the two ladies.  At present, the women are not on speaking terms and with Salman Khan’s latest task, asking the housemates to judge which girl is more “jealous,” Shehnaaz Gill is seen erupting in anger in the latest episode.

As elimination day arrives, Salman Khan re-enters the house through Me TV and asks the contestants how they all got nominated?  Paras Chhabra replies that people in this house value their things more than the others in the house and there isn’t any reason to save anyone, because they will all leave the house one by one anyway.  Salman asks Paras why his team would save Mahira Sharma and Paras replies that he thought the team would support her.  Shehnaaz Gill replies that Mahira is positive that she is a big name, so why would she need saving?  Mahira asks Shehnaaz not to speak about her and Shehnaaz asks her what her problem is.  Salman asks Mahira why she has a problem with Shehnaaz and Paras replies that they can’t trust her.  Shehnaaz says that they stop her from playing her game and says that Mahira uses a bad tone, thinking she’s above others, even though Mahira knows that Shehnaaz would be there for her if Paras left the house.  Mahira says that Paras called her jealous, not Mahira and Paras says that Shehnaaz has become arrogant with her popularity.

Salman continues the game with Mahira and Shehnaaz to see who the housemates believe is more jealous.  The housemates all choose Shehnaaz, though giving their own reasons, saying she’s not jealous but possessive, calling her loud and vocal, saying she is hurt and so on.  Sidharth Shukla pours the green liquid in Mahira’s container to cheer Shehnaaz up and hugs Shehnaaz, but she hits him and pushes him away.  In anger, she asks Salman if he thinks she’s jealous and Salman warily looks on and says yes, she looks jealous and asks what is wrong with her.  Shehnaaz screams and cries and Mahira calls her fake.  When Shefali Jariwala pours the liquid in Shehnaaz’s container, Salman begins crying like Shehnaaz, imitating her.

Shehnaaz starts crying and throwing a tantrum when Paras pours liquid in Shehnaaz’s container, saying she doesn’t care and even Sidharth doesn’t care about her.  Salman has had enough here and tells Shehnaaz to listen, but she says no.  Salman loses his temper and shouts for her to be respectful as she is not a kid and show some respect.  He hangs up suddenly, angry.  Shehnaaz sits near the gate and asks to leave.  When Sidharth goes to her, she tells him to go away, saying he has ruined her level of respect while inside, Shefali consoles Mahira.  Rashami tells Shehnaaz that Mahira is taking it too far, while Paras tells Mahira the same inside the house.  Shehnaaz says she has to leave the house.

Salman re-enters the house through Me TV and tells Sidharth to watch out for Shehnaaz, as she is in love with him and it’s bad.  Sidharth says he knows and Salman tells him that she’s a possessive kid and this will be bad once they go out of the house, so talk to her about it and then ends the call.  Paras tells Vishal Aditya Singh that Shehnaaz was jealous of Mahira from the first week when he was only talking to Shehnaaz.  Outside, Shehnaaz tells Sidharth that she disrespected Salman, so she must leave the house.  Paras tells Vishal that when he was in the secret room, he heard Shehnaaz’s words about Mahira, saying she was trying to find a new lover in Vishal.  Sidharth hears him and tells him to keep quiet about this in front of Salman or it will make things worse.

Salman goes back into the house through Me TV.  He says that Shehnaaz used Sidharth to make Paras jealous, but now she’s attached to him like a stubborn kid and says it’s not good.  He then turns his attention to Vishal and asks him why he’s behaving so badly with Madhurima Tuli.  Vishal says that she curses at him and Salman tells him that she didn’t even hit you and you both have such a good connection, why are you ruining it and holding a bad attitude.  He asks why Bigg Boss would send Madhurima out just because their relationship is bad.  He says that the others are behaving even worse, showing clips of Shehnaaz hitting Sidharth, Sidharth holding down Shehnaaz, Mahira slapping Paras.  When Sidharth laughs, Salman scolds him and says this is a TV show and why are they getting slapped without any reason?  He says that Shehnaaz is looking bad and it’s not possible to keep letting her bad behavior go.  When Sidharth tries to defend her, Salman warns Sidharth that people are watching and discussing the clips of him holding Shehnaaz down without context and he will be the one to get in trouble for it.

Deepika Padukone joins Salman on stage and discusses her movie and Laxmi Agarwal.  While Salman talks about how the contestants fought over her, Deepika says the vibe in the house was very positive overall.  Vikrant Massey and Laxmi Agarwal join the two on stage and Salman tells Laxmi that maybe because of her inspiration, Deepika might have a kid soon, but Deepika says he should get married first.  Salman jokes that he’s still a kid, so Vikrant should get married first.  Vikrant replies that he is getting married soon and Salman laughs.  Salman talks to Laxmi about her experience in the house and the group has a cooking competition on stage.  Deepika and Laxmi discuss Laxmi’s latest campaign for an acid ban and Salman Khan puts on the band.  The Chhapaak team leaves the stage.

Salman connects the housemates to the caller of the week and she asks to speak to Asim.  She tells Asim that since he has started staying away from Sidharth, viewers don’t see him anymore and he is only seen when he fights.  Salman tells Asim to stop wasting so much time in the gym.  Salman asks Rashami if she’s changed her house keys and she says yes.  He asks if Arhaan Khan got a set and asks if she remembers him.  She laughs and asks Salman to send someone to check on her house.  Salman asks Vishal and Madhurima how they would feel if the other left and they say terribly.

Sidharth continues trying to talk to Shehnaaz and she says that she can’t get along with anyone and Is jealous, so she should leave the house.  She says it’s a matter of respect and she must leave.  Salman Khan enters the house and goes straight inside the house, ignoring Shehnaaz.  He brings a cake and asks Sidharth to call Shehnaaz as Bigg Boss is the number one show.  Shehnaaz refuses to come, saying Salman didn’t call her himself.  Salman tells Sidharth to leave her out there as there is no room for disrespect. In the precap, it’s shown that Shehnaaz will show her possessiveness and love for Sidharth while a confused Sidharth looks on.  Is this love angle one-sided?  It seems so, but let’s wait and watch.

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