Bigg Boss Season 13: Highlights of December 27, 2019 – Shehnaaz Gill’s Captaincy Goes Haywire
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Bigg Boss Season 13: Highlights of December 27, 2019 – Shehnaaz Gill’s Captaincy Goes Haywire

In Bigg Boss Season 13, the housemates refuse to work and sleep all day, making Shehnaaz Gill’s life difficult as the house’s new captain

As the episode begins, the housemates are seen discussing the house and Vishal Aditya Singh tells them that he feels something in the house.  The other housemates, including Madhurima Tuli, discuss their experiences in the house.  A new day begins and Shehnaaz Gill’s latest song is played in the house and an excited Shehnaaz makes the housemates dane with her.  Shehnaaz thanks Bigg Boss.  Vishal continues discussing his experiences at night, saying he saw an old man, an old lady, a black thing and the housemates discuss how scared Vishal is.

Shehnaaz takes over her captaincy duties and begins assigning chores to the housemates.  When she asks Asim Riaz to clean the bathroom however, Asim refuses, saying he is already cleaning the bedroom.  Sidharth Shukla and Asim get into a fight, both discussing their chores.  Sidharth tells Asim to stop talking to him like this and Asim tells him to get lost.  The two exchange heated words and Asim leaves.  Paras Chhabra tells Shehnaaz to give the bathroom to Asim, as Sidharth is already doing the living area.  He also asks Asim why he’s deciding his own chores.

Shehnaaz encounters trouble when Madhurima refuses to wake up, saying she is sick.  The two get into an argument.  Sidharth tells Asim to stop fighting with him without cause, but Asim reacts and Paras tells him to talk without yelling.  Asim tells Sidharth to get lost and Sidharth tells him that he might raise his hand by mistake.  Asim tells Paras that Sidharth is threatening him.  Sidharth says he will break Asim’s face.  Asim says he is all talk and Shehnaaz drags Sidharth away.  Sidharth and Asim continue arguing and Paras takes Sidharth away.

Madhurima is sleeping in the garden and the alarm plays.  Shehnaaz asks Madhurima to wake up.  Shefali Bagga sees Shehnaaz cleaning the bathroom and asks her why she’s working.  Shehnaaz says that no one is willing to do the work.  Shehnaaz says she doesn’t want to fight, so she will do it herself.  Sidharth tells Shehnaaz to make the contestants do the work, but Shehnaaz says they all have ego and are acting sick.  Shehnaaz wakes Vishal up, but he says Paras and Arti are also sleeping.  Shefali Bagga asks Shehnaaz to get someone to do the chopping and when she asks Madhurima, she says no.  Shefali gets angry and says she won’t cook either.

Arhaan Khan makes parathas for everyone in the house and Madhurima asks Vishal how many he wants.  He answers 6 total for the two of them as he doesn’t eat eggs.  Shefali Bagga tells him to eat something else, but he can’t have more than 2 parathas as there isn’t that much flour.  Vishal says he wants 4 and says that he will not compromise this time.  Paras tells Vishal that there’s a lot of flour, but Arhaan doesn’t want to work, so that’s why he’s saying there isn’t much left.  Arhaan defends himself and Arti tells Madhurima that she can’t just think about herself.

Sidharth says it was Rashami Desai’s fault, as she told Arhaan to make only 2 parathas per person.  Shefali Bagga defends Arhaan, but the housemates continue to point fingers, so Arhaan says he and Asim will make their own food from now on.

Madhurima goes to sleep again and the alarm rings.  Shehnaaz fights with her this time, asking why she’s acting like she hates her.  Madhurima tells her to calm down, but Shehnaaz tells her to go home if she can’t follow rules.  Shehnaaz tells her to sleep and she will see how she sleeps with her around.  She also asks if the ghost from the night before jumped into her.  Later, many of the housemates are in bed and the alarm plays.  The housemates say they are teasing Sana, but the alarm plays.  Vishal, Mahira and Paras are found sleeping and the alarm continues to play.  Shehnaaz asks Madhurima to do her work, but she refuses.  As a punishment, Shehnaaz takes Madhurima’s makeup.  She takes th pouch and hides it.  Arti tells Shehnaaz not to become their friend again later.  Madhurima continues to refuse to work and Shefali Bagga tells her she looks like a fool, while Madhurima tells her to shut up.

Shehnaaz is angry and tells the housemates not to make food as Madhurima won’t work.  Madhurima says she will wash the dishes now, but Shehnaaz refuses and says she looks like a witch.

A new task is announced where Rashami, Mahira, Shefali Bagga and Shehnaaz will walk the ramp in front of Sidharht and Asim, while Paras will host the event.  The girls will answer questions and the two boys will decide who the winner is.  Shefali Jariwala and Arti Singh will do hair for the girls.  The contest begins and the girls answer questions abou the house.  Rashami and Sidharth get into a tiff during the task and Rashami makes pointed answers regarding Sidharth’s behavior.  Mahira tells Sidharth that she misjudged him in the past, but now she thinks he’s a nice person.  She talks about how people in the house change and takes Shehnaaz’s name.  Shehnaaz pokes fun at herself on the ramp and makes the housemates laugh.  Sidharth and Asim choose Shehnaaz as the winner.

The housemates sing happy birthday to Salman Khan.  Shehnaaz and Vishal go to the captaincy room and see the chandelier moving by itself.  Sidharht makes a joke and laughs, but Shehnaaz gets scared and goes to the bedroom.  Sidharth comes to get her, but seeing how he’s laughing, Shehnaaz says she doesn’t want to go with him, but he drags her to the captaincy room.

With some light-hearted humor in the Bigg Boss house, the “haunting” story is a refreshing one this season.  It’s enjoyable to see the housemates having fun with one another and indulging in something other than fighting.

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