Bigg Boss Season 13: Highlights of Day 60, November 29, 2019
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Bigg Boss Season 13: Highlights of Day 60, November 29, 2019

In Bigg Boss season 13, Sidharth Shukla and Arti Singh’s friendship reaches a breaking point and the housemates are seen discussing Arti’s mental health

In Bigg Boss season 13, the housemates have been particularly calculating this year regarding friendships of convenience and groupism.  With the fight between Asim Riaz and Paras Chhabra in Thursday’s episode, the day concluded on a heavy note.  Many housemates found themselves bickering at the end of the night, including Mahira Sharma and Paras Chhabra.

The episode begins with the housemates waking up to “Right Here Right Now” from Bluffmaster.  Mahira Sharma is annoyed with Paras Chhabra over the events of the previous day and he tries to persuade her that he will listen to her in the future.  Asim Riaz is seen discussing the fight as well with Shehnaaz Gill and Shehnaaz consoles him, saying that she can see how hurt he was by Paras’s words.  The house seems split over this and it continues to be a discussion in the house.

Rashami Desai and Vishal Aditya Singh are seen discussing Sidharth Shukla’s captaincy with him and Rashami tells Sidharth that he’s doing a good job.  The two look into each other’s eyes and are deep in conversation, prompting Vishal to walk away and the housemates look on as Sidharth and Rashami entertainingly flirt with each other.  Hindustani Bhau and Shehnaaz begin singing “Aankhon Ki Gustakhiyan” and the housemates laugh as Sidharth and Rashami’s conversation continues.

The housemates are asked by Bigg Boss to choose the two contestants of the week that deserve to be in jail.  The housemates go around and choose their two names and during this time, Asim and Paras get into a fight, prompting Paras to walk away from the group after Asim takes his name.  After much discussion, Asim Riaz and Paras Chhabra are chosen by the housemates due to their fight the previous night.  The two are told that they will have to do all the chores in the house and the other housemates will not do any work.  They are also told that Bigg Boss will give them extra chores throughout the day as a punishment.  They will do all this while handcuffed.

When Paras declares that he cannot wash dishes due to his injured finger, Asim becomes irritated and fights, saying that he will not wash all the dishes alone.  He also clarifies that his hand is also injured, but he is still working.  This turns into a heated discussion with Sidharth, but eventually calms down when Paras says he will do all the cooking alone.  After some time, Sidharth is called into the storage room and is given two big buckets full of shoes for Paras and Asim to clean.  Sidharth jokingly tells Rashami that she has to clean the shoes and she begins doing so before realizing that Sidharth is joking.  She laughs and chases Sidharth around the garden area for pranking her.

Bhau steals son papri and a few other things from the captain’s room in jest, but is caught by Sidharth.  Sidharth is upset with him and Arti chimes in, saying that if Bhau isn’t punished by Sidharth then Sidharth should also be punished.  Sidharth gets angry and tells Arti to stay out of it as it’s not her business.  They get into a fight and Arti tells Sidharth to stop barking.

The housemates are given a task where Shehnaaz and Paras are asked to listen to three statements made by the housemates and catch the bluff.  Vishal, Rashami, Arti, Asim and Bhau are asked to make statements.  Paras and Shehnaaz are only able to catch Bhau and Vishal’s bluffs.  Asim is declared the best “poker face,” while Paras is chosen as the best “bluffmaster.”  Asim and Paras are later asked to choose one chore to continue for the next week and the two agree on rationing duty, as it is easier.

Later that night, Sidharth overhears Arti talking about her fight with him and enters the room.  He tells Arti that he will continue barking and begins annoying and provoking her.  He is called out by Rashami and Shefali and Rashami tells him that Arti has suffered panic and anxiety attacks and he needs to be careful of this.  Sidharth agrees to back off and leaves Arti alone and the episode ends.

With tomorrow’s episode seeming to be a surprise elimination, Bigg Boss continues to keep viewers on their toes.

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