Bigg Boss Season 13: Highlights of Day 32, November 1, 2019
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Bigg Boss Season 13: Highlights of Day 32, November 1, 2019

In Bigg Boss Season 13, Day 32, the contestants are made to rank themselves from least deserving to most deserving with some help from the wild cards

Bigg Boss season 13 is, in a way, wrapping up as viewers know it, though two months still remain of the show.  With three contestants set to be eliminated this weekend, leaving only 6 of the original contestants left behind, the household relationships will be shaken up.  At present, the house remains divided into two groups, but the “Bahu group” finds itself slowly deteriorating after a couple of members go rogue.

At the start of day 32, Mahira Sharma asks Asim Riaz why the floor of the bathroom is so messy.  While Arti Singh steps forward to claim her bottles, Asim tells Mahira that the main thing to clean is the floor, which he has cleaned.  Mahira disagrees and tells him that the bathroom floor is dirty and he needs to do a better job.  Asim tells Mahira that she has never had a problem with his cleaning before, but now she is speaking the words of her group.  Rashami Desai steps forward and tries to clarify what Mahira meant, but Asim tells her to stop speaking for Mahira as it’s between him and Mahira.  Asim gets upset and explains that he cleans both the bathroom and the living area and not one person steps forward to help him.

Paras Chhabra and Rashami are seen discussing Asim’s cleanliness habits and Paras states that Asim can live in even a dirty house as he is able to live in any condition.  Shehnaaz Gill tries to explain to Asim that he should clean the house with dedication, but Asim gets angry.  Later, Arti Singh and Rashami get into an argument when Rashami passes a comment on the basic hygiene of the housemates.  Arti states that the kitchen team often leaves food out and then begins a back and forth between Rashami and Arti with each trying to prove that they have picked up after the other.

Paras and Shefali Bagga find Arti’s clothes sitting outside in the garden area and ask her to pick up her things, setting off yet another argument about cleanliness.  Arti begins targeting Rashami, yelling that even Rashami’s clothes are outside.  Paras and Mahira discuss this with Rashami and tell her that they cannot pick on Arti for something if Rashami does it as well.  Shefali joins Shehnaaz, Arti, Sidharth Shukla and Asim outside, surprising that group and the other housemates as well.

The three wild cards watch as the housemates carry out a task in which they have to rank themselves according to attributes.  The first attribute is “two faced,” to which Sidharth Shukla states Rashami is the most two-faced in the house.  The wild cards are seen discussing Rashami and Sidharth’s relationship and Shefali Jariwala makes a startling confession, saying that she dated Sidharth Shukla for a little while and if Rashami has worked with him, Shefali has dated him and she does not know what it is that Rashami is always saying about Sidharth when threatening to expose him.  She does not understand the problem.  Shehnaaz, Asim, Arti and even Mahira and Shefali step forward and state that Rashami is too-faced.  The discussion continues between the housemates and the wild cards are asked to rank the celebrities according to their order.  They choose Paras at number one and, after much debate, Rashami is placed at number 3, putting the top 5 (two faced) at Paras, Shefali, Rashami, Devoleena and Arti.

The wildcard rankings are revealed to the housemates and Paras takes his number 1 position in good stride.  While Rashami and Devoleena discuss Rashami’s hurt feelings, the remaining housemates share a laugh outside while Paras accepts his “award” for being the most two-faced housemate.  The next attribute is announced, the housemate that is least worthy of moving forward.  Paras, Shehnaaz, Sidharth Shukla, Asim and Rashami are unanimously considered worthy of moving forward by the housemates.  Shefali Bagga receives half and half votes, some for being worthy, some for being unworthy.  Shehnaaz and Sidharth Shukla state that they are unsure about Arti’s worthiness.  The house seems unanimous on Arti’s unworthiness with Rashami being the only one who deems Arti worthy.  The housemates are also split over Mahira.

The wild card ranking is revealed, placing Arti at the number one position, making her least deserving of continuing in the house, while Paras is placed at the number 9 position, making him most deserving.  Mahira is upset at being placed at the 3rd position.

The preview for Weekend Ka Vaar looks interesting, with the theme centered around Mahira’s unfair advantage over more deserving contestants.  While three of the nine housemates will be evicted this weekend, several new contestants will be entering the house, turning all house equations upside down.  With this, it’s becoming apparent that Mahira may not last too long in the house after the finale.

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