Bigg Boss Season 13: Highlights of Day 24: Shehnaaz Gill Gets Physical, Shefali Reacts

Bigg Boss Season 13: Highlights of Day 24: Shehnaaz Gill Gets Physical, Shefali Reacts

Bigg Boss written update is here! Shehnaaz Gill gets physical with Siddharth Dey and Shefali Bagga, prompting Shefali to want to leave the house

Bigg Boss is a show that comes with its share of controversies, to say the least.  While fights in the house are a part and parcel of the show and, technically, a reason why audiences tend to get excited to watch the show, these fights have to be rooted in logic and sense.  However, in season 13, the level of fights and the extent to which they have gone to is overwhelming for viewers.  To make matters worse, the fights have now reached an extent where the housemates getting physical no longer comes as a surprise.  With the latest episode, the contestants have taken their lack of control over their anger and disregard for personal space to an uncomfortable level for both the housemates themselves and the viewers. Read our previous update here.

As day 24 begins, Paras Chhabra, Rashami Desai and Mahira Sharma discuss the disgusting way in which the other “team” has been playing the game.  Both Rashami and Mahira make it clear to Paras that if, after all this negativity, Paras goes back to laughing and talking to Shehnaaz Gill, they will never speak to him again.  Paras apologizes and promises that he will stop talking to Shehnaaz.

Devoleena Bhattacharjee is seen making breakfast in the kitchen with Rashami Desai, but still angry with the incidents of the previous day, she states that she has made rotis for everyone, but will not make food for the other group.  Shehnaaz Gill and Asim Riaz come over to make breakfast, but Devoleena states that they need to wait for her to leave the kitchen.  A fight emerges when Shehnaaz places her pan on the stove and Devoleena pours the oil from her pan into Shehnaaz’s pan – a gesture that was seen as being helpful by viewers, but Shehnaaz gets upset and turns the pan upside down, pouring oil into the gas stove.  Devoleena also does the same and the scene turns ugly.

Asim Riaz and Arti Singh are seen talking to Shehnaaz about her argument with Devoleena Bhattacharjee and the two tell Shehnaaz that she must take a stand regarding Devoleena “slapping” her.  Shehnaaz asks to speak to Bigg Boss, but takes it light-heartedly as she does not remember getting slapped.  When she speaks to Bigg Boss, he chides her, stating that if she had been slapped, wouldn’t she be the first to know?  She agrees and leaves the confession room laughing.  When asked by Sidharth Shukla, Asim and Arti, she tells them that Bigg Boss has taken her side, but told her not to discuss it with them.

Bigg Boss calls the housemates to gather, indicating the start of the Snakes and Ladder task for the day.  He applauds the girls for their passion and dedication to the task on the previous day and railroads the boys for their defeatist attitude.  The task begins and fights continue throughout the task.  A fight breaks out between Sidharth Dey and Shehnaaz when she sticks to him and harasses him for some time.  Siddharth Dey accuses her of sticking to men, using harsh words and while viiewers are not given the exact details as to what transpires, but the two get into a fight over getting physical.  Siddharth Dey is accused of pushing Shehnaaz, but Siddharth Dey states that Shehnaaz has been pushing him the entire time. (Read about Himansh Sharma's controversy here.)

Later, a fight breaks out between Shehnaaz and Shefali Bagga and the two become fairly violent.  Through it all, Arti Singh fails in her duties as a sanchalak, unable to keep her biases out of the task.  The fight between Shefali and Shenaaz becomes physical and the fight turns ugly with Shehnaaz screaming and crying.  Shefali gets angry and demands that Bigg Boss open the door, because she no longer wants to stay in a house where anyone can hit a fellow housemate.  She tells Bigg Boss that it’s either Shehnaaz or her, but both cannot stay in the house.

With the preview for the next episode, it seems things are going to go from bad to worse with several housemates erupting into a physical fight.

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