Bigg Boss Season 13: Highlights January 24, 2020 – Paras Chhabra & Asim Riaz Fight
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Bigg Boss Season 13: Highlights January 24, 2020 – Paras Chhabra & Asim Riaz Fight

In Bigg Boss Season 13, Asim Riaz and Paras Chhabra get into a fight when the contestants are asked to name the worst contestants during tasks

The episode opens with Shehnaaz Gill talking to Arti Singh, saying that if Asim Riaz, Rashami Desai and Vishal Aditya Singh support her, she will support them as well.  While Arti defends Mahira Sharma and Paras Chhabra, she agrees with Shehnaaz’s point.  On the other end, Mahira, Paras, Sidharth Shukla and Shefali Jariwala fume over Shehnaaz’s “flip” behavior and call her disloyal.  Shefali says if she’s not loyal to Sidharth, she wont ever be loyal to anyone else.  Paras says that he realized this at the beginning of the show.

Shehnaaz questions Arti’s loyalty to Sidharth, wondering if she’s scared of him and Vishal agrees with her.  After the fight with Sidharth continues, Shehnaaz finally moves her bed, saying she can’t sleep there anymore and Asim tells her to move over to his bed.  Asim tells Shehnaaz that he can’t do anything about her feelings, but she needs to maintain her self respect.  Bigg Boss asks Vishal about the decision regarding the captaincy task.  Vishal says that no one won the task and Bigg Boss shames the housemates, saying they always get their tasks thrown out.  He pinpoints not only Asim as a sanchalak, but says that Arti, Paras and Shefali have all been unfair sanchalaks and Vishal has been the worst sanchalak in Bigg Boss history, misusing his position.  Vishal is punished for this and Bigg boss says he will not receive immunity in any task now.  Mahira is seen laughing, so Shehnaaz points out that Paras had done the same thing.  Paras later defends himself to Mahira, saying he was a great sanchalak.  Arti and Vishal repent and say sorry for their behavior as sanchalak.

Vishal tells Shehnaaz that he was purposely misusing his power because they have more in their team.  Shehnaaz is seen talking to Rashami about Sidharth, asking if she believes she has ruined her image.  Rashami says that her one-sided love story will ruin her image, so she’s making the right decision.  Rashami also says that she went through this and knows about his possessive nature, but she Shehnaaz has to protect her own heart.

A new day begins and Mahira jokes about Paras and Rashami wearing matching pajamas.  Sidharth comments on them to Rashami and she tells him that he’s noticing her too much these days.  Bigg Boss asks the housemates to choose two names for those responsible most in getting the household tasks called off.  The housemates argue about this, each trying pinpoint on themselves while Rashami and Arti own up to their faults.  Sidharth and Asim get into yet another fight over this.  Sidharth is later seen talking to Rashami and the two discuss how hard it is to pinpoint two people.

During a fight between Asim and Sidharth, Asim tells Sidharth to lick his shoe while Sidharth says Asim is a scaredy cat.  The discussion continues as Asim and Sidharth pinpoint each other’s performance in tasks.  Asim calls Sidharth “gutter,” while Sidharth says he is if he’s with him.  Later, Asim and Shefali get into an argument and Asim asks her to go away.  Shehnaaz and Asim taunt Shefali, pretending to be scared of her “sherni” tag, making Shefali angry.  The housemates are asked by Bigg Boss to tell their opinion individually since they cannot come to a mutual agreement.  In the end, Paras and Vishal are the two contestants chosen as the perpetrators.  They are told that they are the servants of the house, overall and for personal use.  Paras and Asim are seen taunting each other – while Asim mocks Paras over perfume, dragging his relationship with Akanksha Puri, Paras also drags Himanshi Khurana into the argument.

Later, Paras tries to clear things up, but Asim tells him he isn’t in the mood.  Paras says he never targeted personally, so why did he bring up the perfumes?  Asim says that he started it with the standard talk.  Asim does not back down and begins cursing at Paras, leading to an ugly fight between the two.  Shehnaaz complains to Vishal that Asim has a habit of poking until he feels better.  Mahira, Paras and Sidharth talk about how personal Asim’s insults are.  Asim later tries to casually talk to Paras, but Paras tells him that he won’t speak to him.

A new issue is created when Sidharth asks why Shehnaaz and Asim are calling Arti Sidharth’s “fixed deposit.”  The entire house gets involved, trying to decipher the meaning of this, some housemates coming up with very dirty meanings.  This hurts Arti and she’s seen crying in the confession room.  Sidharth, Paras and Mahira talk about how hurt they are by Shehnaaz’s behavior.  They also discuss Asim’s betrayal towards Sidharth.

Vishal talks to Arti about the “fixed deposit” statement, saying he called her that as in she was loyal to Sidharth, saying he also said it about Shehnaaz.  Paras tells Vishal to stop saying things like that.

In the precap for Saturday’s episode, Salman Khan is seen angry with Sidharth and Asim.  Will his words have any effect on the two?