Bigg Boss Season 13: Here Is How Big Boss Is Complete “Thedha Season” This Time Around

Bigg Boss Season 13: Here Is How Big Boss Is Complete “Thedha Season” This Time Around

From introducing Ameesha Patel as “Maalkin” Of the Big Boss House to a finale within 4 weeks, the ardent fans are in for a complete surprise with lots of “Hatke” stuff

After much ado, Bigg Boss season 13 kickstarted its first episode with much pomp and splendor. Introducing each contestant with grand entry, the host of the show Salman Khan with his charm and unconventional style made his audience fall in love with the show all over again. In the premiers, Salman Khan called Bigg Boss 13th season to be “thedha per mera”, now let’s see how makers of big boss will make its ardent fans hooked to the reality television show with its “hatke”style. Before the viewers jump the guns, let us give our two cents on how season 13 is going to be unique.

1.      It’s A No- Commoner Show:

The idea of bringing celebrities and commoners under one roof didn’t go quite well with big boss fans in preceding seasons hence the makers have done away with the concept. This time it is an all-celebrity season where 13 celebrities are Siddharth Shukla, Reshami Desai, Abu Malik, Aarti Singh, Dalljiet Kaur, Koena Mitra, Mahira Sharma, Shehnaz Gill, Shefali Bagga, Asim Riaz, and Siddarth Dey. The makers of the show decided to have celebrities locked for 15weeks.

2.      Ameesha Patel Is “Maalkin” Of The Big Boss House:

This time the makers of Bigg Boss have decided to rope in Ameesha Patelas a surprise element in the show. She is all set to play the “maalkin” of the big boss season 13 house. With ‘forming connections’ as the cornerstone of the present ‘tedha season’, Ameesha says she will often enter the Bigg Boss house and keep a check on the contestants, will assign them and will make it more difficult for them in the days to them.

3.      Bigg Boss Season Finale In 4 Weeks:

During the Promos, Salman Khan revealed that the big boss season 13 finale will end after 4 weeks, unlike the preceding seasons. After 4 weeks the remaining contestants will win a chance to win a ticket to the finale in January year 2020, but for that, they will have to give their best during the first 4 weeks.

4.      Change Of Location:

Bigg Boss 13 house has been shifted from its original location. After filming for almost 12 years in Lonavla, the Bigg Boss's house has been located in Mumbai's film city this time.

5.      Inside The Bigg Boss House  

Unlike the last season where the house was modeled like a beach, this season the big boss house is called BB Museum. The designer of the show is Bollywood favourite art director Omung Kumar who has kept the theme very vibrant, colourful and youthful and there is a lot of creative esthetics to it. The house looks gorgeous and the best part of the show is that the designer Omung Kumar has kept the place plastic-free.

This time the logo of BB has also changed. A huge 'BB' has been placed in the garden area and is looking beautiful. Not only that, this time, the house is surrounded by 93 cameras for the contestants who will be watched 24*7 till 100 plus days till their stay.

6.      Joint Sleeping Arrangement:

Unlike previous big boss seasons, this time around there is only one single bed in the big boss house. The intriguing part of the show is that the bedroom has several triple beds which will eventually reveal who will form an alliance and enjoy their games in a trio.

These are a list of noticeable changes that you will find this season, which will make the show more exciting than preceding seasons. Hopefully this season is an out-and-out blockbuster.

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