Bigg Boss Season 13: Has Paras Chabbra and Shehnaz Gill’s Story Come to an End?

Bigg Boss Season 13: Has Paras Chabbra and Shehnaz Gill’s Story Come to an End?

Bigg Boss 13’s Paras Chabbra and Shehnaz Gill's possible love story going south? Here's why we think it is

This season of Bigg Boss, being a fast-track season, saw many fights and possible relationship in the first week itself. Fights broke out between Asim Riaz and Paras Chabbra from day 1 itself. The house witnessed fights over food, sooner than expected. The first week at the house, wasn’t a smooth sailing one and Salman Khan addressed all of it during ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’. Besides the fights, Salman Khan addressed the possible romance between Paras Chabbra and Shehenaz Gill which was quite evident.

The “romance” began the day the two entered the house. Shehnaz Gill, the Katrina Kaif of Punjab, is a favourite in the house. She is always entertaining everyone and gets along with every person in the house. Well, everyone except Mahira Sharma. Paras Chabbra on the other hand, is the guy who is already playing his game according to the people in the house. Paras is close with Arti Singh and Shehnaz Gill and tells them almost everything. At the same time he tries to maintain a decent relationship with everyone in the house. But Paras and Asim do not get along as well as they get along with others in the house.

By the end of the first week, before ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, Shehnaz Gill seemed to be jealous of how close Mahira and Paras were getting. The two began arguing in the bedroom, where Mahira kept yelling at Shehnaz to not call him her boyfriend because they are just friends, best friends. Later on Shehnaz was seen hinting at Paras to decide (choose) between the two. This was when the possible relationship seemed to be going south.

Paras continued to build his friendship with Mahira Sharma and Shehnaz Gill was evidently not happy with it. During the nominations task, where Paras had to choose who to send into nominations this week, Mahira or Shehnaz. Both the girls had to put forth their points on why they should not be nominated by Paras. Shehnaz ended up saying she’s not loyal when Paras asked why she can hang out with so many people in the house and he can’t hang out with Mahira, and so on. Paras didn’t think twice after Shehnaz said that and shut the window on her, nominating her for this week’s eviction. Shehnaz was seen crying, even though she kept saying she is fine and not upset with his decision. They were seen hugging after the task.

The beginning of the second week saw a new task, to choose the Rani (Queen) of the house. During this task the boys of the house had to get the key after a bell was rung, and get one girl out to break the pot with another girls name on it. To throw them out of the running to become the Queen of the house. During this task, Paras chose to get Dalljiet Kaur out, only for her to break Shehnaz’s pot. This was when Shehnaz said, “doosari baar dilwale ne dil thoda” (the second time he broke my heart) while she giggled. Shehnaz, at the end of the task, even told Paras that he broke her heart.

In the snippet for tonight’s episode, the girls were asked to give black rings for the boys on their report card. This was when Shehnaz took her revenge and gave Paras a black ring. Arti Singh, Paras Chabbra’s friend, also gave him a black ring. Paras and Arti were then shown yelling at each other and Shehnaz’s name was mentioned. Paras then yelled saying whatever they had was over. Only today’s episode will tell us what exactly happens to Paras and Shehnaz’s possible relationship.

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