Bigg Boss Season 13: Farah Khan Is All Set To Judge Housemates In “BB Ki Adalat” Task
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Bigg Boss Season 13: Farah Khan Is All Set To Judge Housemates In “BB Ki Adalat” Task

In Bigg Boss Season 13, Farah Khan's visit in the Bigg Boss House became the source of lots of changing equations between the housemates

The last Weekend ka Vaar Diwali Dhamaka ended up on quite a serious note. The host of the show Salman lambasted at the Bigg Boss housemates for their imprudent behaviour during the nomination task and how they crossed a line of decency by making personal comments on each other. Salman also ended the Weekend Ka Vaar by introducing three wild card entries Hindustani Bhau, Tehseen Poonawala, and Khesari Laal Yadav. Monday's episode of Bigg Boss season 13 started on a cheerful note. Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaz Gill recreated scenes from Hindi love songs inside the house. Later Arti, Asim, and Shehnaz also joined them and moved on their favourite Punjabi dance and shared a good laugh.

Shehnaz tries to sort misunderstandings with Shefali Bagga and Siddharth Dey over their major spat during the 'Snake and Ladder' task. Later we see Asim getting into an argument with Rashami in the garden area, Asim tried to clear things out with Rashami, who asked him to clean the bathroom like Paras. Asim tells Rashami that he also thinks Shehnaz cooks better than Rashami but has never asked her to improve her kitchen duties so she has no right to complain about his duties. Rashami then pointed out that she only expressed her views because he asked her to. She also said that she doesn't like Siddharth Shukla's style of cutting vegetables and prefers the way Paras does it. This lead to the argument in the kitchen area, where Siddharth Shukla said Rashami always picks her group over others and complains about other teammates.

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This leads to a heated argument between Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai where Shukla tells Rashami to talk directly to him if she has any issues and not everyone. Mahira Sharma tells Asim Riaz about cleaning the floor and he tells Sidharth and then Sidharth and Mahira talk about it because the former denies cleaning it. Rashami and Sidharth get into an argument, while Shefali Bagga starts crying over how Salman Khan lashed out on her. Shehnaaz Arti and Shukla, on the other hand, talk about how what Shefali is doing, is so wrong and her ego is hurt.

Next day starts with the song “Happy Diwali” and Bigg Boss wishes everyone a prosperous Diwali. Rashami and Shehnaz had a heartfelt conversation and cleared there misunderstanding regarding Shifali. Later Shifali explains housemates BB ki Adalat task. For the task, they will be divided into two teams, namely, team Desai's including Paras, Mahira, Shefali, Siddharth Dey and team Shukla's including Sidharth, Asim, Arti, Shehnaaz, and Devoleena where they have to prove why the other is not fit for the house. BB Adalat will see Farah Khan turn judge, and Sidharth and Rashami will turn lawyers for their teams. Meanwhile, Paras and Rashami discuss their plan of action, while Sidharth, Asim, and Arti start planning and plotting.

The first accusation made by Rashami was against Asim, whereby she says that Asim gets violent for petty issues like tea leaves. While Shukla makes an accusation on Siddharth Dey that he does not remain true to his words and is a quitter. After a long argument from both sides, Farah Khan ruled the case in favour of Rashami's team and said Asim gets aggressive most of the time. After a break, Farah Khan began the hearing. This time, Rashami's team accused Sidharth Shukla of getting aggressive during tasks. However, Farah Khan said that she, just like the Bigg Boss viewers, knows what was happening in the house and gave Rashami's team a clear picture that they often gang up against Sidharth Shukla and make issues out of petty statements. She also said that Rashami's team always has something or the other to say about other housemates and never acknowledge their mistakes while Siddharth's teammates focus on themselves

Team Rashami refuses to agree and get a little offended on the accusation made.  To everyone's surprise and to prove a point Rashami also flips a mug kept on Farah’s desk to make her realise how they felt when Sidharth Shukla gets aggressive. Farah decides to give a verdict in favour of Sidharth. In the third case, Shukla’s accuse Rashami Desai of being “Meethi Churri” diplomatic and double-sided. Later we also see Rashami talking in Bigg Boss camera of how she is not liking the kind of favouritism Shukla's are enjoying. Mahira, on the other hand, confronts Paras and tells him how she didn’t like Rashami using the unsafe word for Shukla.

Farah comes in for the last court hearing and Shifali accuses Shehnaz of abusing her. To which Shehnaz says that since day 1, she has been character assassinated and she had no choice but to start abusing to protect herself. They hug it out, and Farah answers Shefali's question about her image. Farah points out at Devoleena about her 'Me Too' statement and Farah gives out a piece of advice. Farah also questions the unusual relationship between Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai and on that note, she leaves Bigg Boss House.

In the next promo, we see Karishma Tanna entering Bigg Boss house like a dictator and Bigg Boss also announces midnight eviction. It remains to be seen who will be

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