Bigg Boss Season 13 Episode 16: Updates Of The Day
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Bigg Boss Season 13 Episode 16: Updates Of The Day

Bigg Boss house season 13, the female contestants put up a tough fight to save themselves from nomination in the “BB Bank” task. The contestants are also witnesses to something brewing between Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaz Gill in the Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss house season 13 finale is in two weeks. The third week has already begun and the contestants in the Bigg Boss house have pulled up their socks to get through its first finale. As announced earlier in the Bigg Boss season 13 show by the host and dost Salman khan that 3 girls and 3 boys will be going ahead in the show which will stay on-air for 2 more months after the first finale. Even though there were no eliminations in the first week, the second-week witnessed two contestants Dalljeit Kaur and Koena Mitra making an exit from the show.

The third week has already started. We could see Devoleena Bhattacharjee struggling with assigning daily home chores to the housemates. The day starts with Shehnaz and Paras having a heated argument while washing dishes. Paras calls her two-faced, that though she looks innocent but in reality is a nasty woman to which Shehnaz replies that you got to be malicious around malicious people. The argument ends up in Paras apologising and taking his words back. Arti Singh and Devoleena Bhattacharjee were discussing Siddharth Shukla when Arti said that she likes Siddharth. However, when Devoleena asked if she should talk to him about it, Arti said she would rather do it herself. Soon, Arti went to Sidharth and asked him not to believe Devoleena. Arti also shared that she was once rumored to be dating Shukla but and she isn’t very career-oriented, she plans to get married by next year.

Siddarth Shukla asks Shehnaz to repress his hand as it was stiff. To which Shehnaz asks him to keep talking while she is at it as she will get bored and eventually sleeps beside him. When paras see them together, it irks him and he starts waking Shehnaz up. She wakes up and tells Paras there is nothing brewing between them, she just slept while repressing his hand. The next day starts with Akshay Kumar-Katrina Kaif’s hit song Paisa Paisa, Mahira said today’s task would have people choose between money and each other. Paras jokingly said, “Mai bhikhaari sahi magar mai tujhe chununga.”(I might be a beggar, I will still choose you).We see Devoleena Bhattacharjee struggling to swap home chores to the inmates because nobody wants to swap and do other contestant’s chore.

During all this hoopla in the Bigg Boss house, Sidharth Dey, Shahnaz, and Arti Singh start a hilarious lesson on the English language. Dey claims that he is ready to give Rupees 10 lakh and assure that there is a word like “Hairs” and “Peoples” while Arti and Shehnaz do not agree with his rhetoric. With this hilarious banter, everyone is asked to gather in the living room for a new task “BB Bank”. Bigg Boss announces that just like the preceding task, the BB Bank task will also evict two contestants but, one male and one female from the Bigg Boss house. The male contestants Abu Malik, Asim Riaz, Para Chhabra, and Siddarth Dey are already nominated for eviction so the BB Bank task is between females of the house.

The BB Bank task is divided into two teams. - Devoleena, Mahira and Rashami, are in Team A, while Shefali, Shehnaaz, and Aarti are in Team B. The girls need to take money from boys and put it all in their vaults (Tijori). The team that had the most money at the end of the task would have won the BB Bank task. Following Bigg Boss's instruction, the boys of the house start planning and plotting their support for their favourite team. Shefali asks for complete support from Siddarth Dey and he pledges his 60% support to her

As the game advanced, both teams began stealing money. Shifali got angry and tried to take the money from Devoleena’s treasury. When Bigg Boss announces that the last 15 minutes are left for the task to end, Rashami and Devoleena come up with a strong strategy to go beyond and break the treasure chest of the opponent team with a dumble. Which, unfortunately, it didn’t work out. When Siddharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra could not decide who got more money, Bigg Boss announced that Team B won the task. With the task, Mahira and Rashami were nominated for evictions for the week. Since Devoleena is the queen of the house, she is safe from nominations.

The day ended with Shifali questioning Sidharth Dey’s loyalty and blames him for taking the opponent's side by giving them more money. In his defense, Sidharth Dey says that he mistakenly thought Devoleena to be in Shifali’s team and gave her a huge sum of money. Shifali along with Shehnaz refuses to accept his clarification. Rashami, on the other hand, has a one-on-one with Abu Malik, telling him if you persist in thinking that famous people don’t get evicted than I won't be able to play here in an efficient manner. While has a good friend in Sidharth Shukla, I cannot take support from anyone in the house, not even Asim.

Last night's episode also saw a lot of drama in the house as contestants burst each other's bubbles, citing their reasons for it. Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai continued to fight with each other. It remains to be seen who gets nominated out of the female contestants after the task.

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