Bigg Boss Season 13:  Did Shefali Call Siddharth Shukla “Saala”?
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Bigg Boss Season 13: Did Shefali Call Siddharth Shukla “Saala”?

In Thursday’s episode of Bigg Boss, Siddharth Shukla and Shefali Bagga get into an argument that is further provoked when Siddharth hears Shefali curse at him

When Bigg Boss season 13 was declared to be a “fast track” season owing to a finale taking place after a month of the season – which will be followed by the “real” finale after another two months.  While the details are still unclear, it seems as though the first finale will serve to eliminate non-performers and the dead weight players of the season.  Rumored names for wild-card entries are already making the rounds, participants that are sure to make an already high-voltage season even more exciting.  It is believed that these entries will be introduced after the first finale.  So with a fast-track season, it’s no surprise then that fights have broken out in the house on the first day itself.  Only 4 days into the current season and arguments have taken place between several contestants already, personal comments being thrown around and discussions of “level” taking place – unusual for the first week.

In the latest episode, Siddharth Shukla and Shefali Bagga are seen getting into an intense fight.    Siddharth is seen asking “Who are you?  Are you Bigg Boss?  Is this your show?” to which Shefali looks at Koena Mitra and asks “How can he talk to me like that?”.  Siddharth further asks “How can you talk to us like that?  Who the hell are you?”.  Walking away, Shefali says “Idhar udhar nitthala ghoomta hai, bakwaas kar raha hai zyaada.”  Mishearing her word “zyaada,” Siddharth comes back through the door and says “Saala?  Apni aukat apne paas hi rakh.”  Immediately, Shefali corrects him and tells him to go and fix his hearing.  Siddharth, angry, refuses to believe her and tells her to stop barking

Siddharth Dey is seen calming Shefali down, telling her it’s beneath her identity as a news anchor to react like this.  On the other end, Aarti Singh and Koena Mitra are seen telling Siddharth to ignore her.  Koena goes on to say that Shefali has been picking fights every 15 minutes, while Aarti insinuates that she’s doing it for footage and attention because of nominations.  Shefali overhears this and is offended, asking Aarti why she would say this.  Aarti puts an end to the discussion by saying Shefali has crossed all levels and to stop crossing them.

It’s clear that this fight has been pushed further due to Siddharth’s misunderstanding regarding the word “Zyaada” and hearing it as “saala.”  With viewers terming Shefali Bagga as the new Priyanka Jagga, another group of viewers are defending her, as Shefali hasn’t actually done anything wrong.  Some viewers have gone on to crown Shefali as the new Gautam Gulati, a player from Bigg Boss Season 8 who was a great player, but highly misunderstood and cornered by his fellow housemates.

With week one coming to a close, Bigg Boss Season 13 is already taking off as a controversial season.

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