Bigg Boss Season 13: Dalljiet Kaur Has a Heartfelt Chat with Rashami Desai
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Bigg Boss Season 13: Dalljiet Kaur Has a Heartfelt Chat with Rashami Desai

Dalljiet Kaur reveals a secret about her life and divorce in a heart to heart with Rashami Desai at the Bigg Boss house

Over the years, it is actor Dalljiet Kaur's strength and conviction that many have applauded over. Not many may know this but Dalljiet went through a bitter separation and divorce from her husband actor Shaleen Bhanot. It was certainly a tough time for her but she emerged stronger than before and became a perfect role model for her son Jaydon. 

But now, fans can see more of her tough life and days as she opens up inside the Bigg Boss house where she is locked up. In a recent unseen footage from the Bigg Boss house, Dalljiet is seen sharing the secret of her strength with actor Rashami Desai. She says that your mind is connected to your body. She further adds that when she was lactating, she was facing an issue and everyone told her to be happy. One day, when she was in Bangalore, she was incredibly happy for some reason and milk was literally oozing out, says the actor. "Neurologically you can control your body," adds Dalljiet.

It is true that your body reacts to your mind and Dalljiet's life is a testimony to this. Dalljiet certainly seems to have formed a bond with Rashami. But is she revealing too much of her life? What will be in store for Dalljiet who appears to have connected with the audience well? The next few weeks will tell us!

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