Bigg Boss Season 13: Asim Riaz and Sidharth Shukla’s Fight Reaches A Breaking Point
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Bigg Boss Season 13: Asim Riaz and Sidharth Shukla’s Fight Reaches A Breaking Point

In Bigg Boss Season 13, Sidharth Shukla asks Bigg Boss permission to hit Asim Riaz and leave the house when their fight reaches new heights

In Bigg Boss season 13, it was previously seen that Asim Riaz and Sidharth Shukla got into a fight in the middle of the elite club task.  After the two exchanged shoves, they continued to play the game.  Things soon got out of control as the fight resumed and abuses were uttered.  Bigg Boss intervened and called the two into the confession room. 

As the episode opens, Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz are called into the confession room and Bigg Boss tells the men to fight within limits, without cursing and without touching.  The boys agree and leave the room.  Later, Rashami Desai is making halwa for Vishal Aditya Singh and it turns into a heated debate when Mahira Sharma and Shefali Jariwala protest, asking why it’s only being made for Vishal.  The discussion is dragged further when it’s revealed that the suji being used for the halwa is from the first luxury task, the items that were taken away when Vishal and Rashami stole the pasta.  As the debate heats up, Asim interjects that Sidharth is right in saying that Vishal didn’t win that luxury budget task, but Sidharth tells Asim to stop using his name and becomes aggressive.  Asim asks him to calm down, but when Sidharth doesn’t back off, the fight continues. 

Mahira, Sidharth, Shefali and Paras sit in the room, mocking Asim’s comments and joke that they are bullying him, so he must be getting great footage.  The bell rings and Hina Khan re-enters the house to judge the Bigg Boss Elite Club task.  Hina takes Arti Singh, Rashami and Mahira away to talk individually in order to decide which contestant should be removed from the competition.  Arti says that Rashami is easily influenced and Mahira doesn’t have her own stand, but asks for Rashami to be her competitor.  Mahira says Rashami doesn’t do anything but gossip, but Hina tells Mahira that she does follow Paras and needs to be seen without him.  Rashami says that Mahira is a child and is a weak player, while saying that Arti is inconsistent, but asks for Arti to be a competitor.  HIna agrees and chooses Arti and Rashami as the contenders and eliminates Mahira. 

Before the task begins, Mahira is seen crying over her image outside.  Mahira gets upset and vents to Shefali and Sidharth, upset that Hina said the decision was easy.  Mahira comes out finally and the task begins.  The contestants give challenges to the contenders in order to get a thumbs up.  Paras asks Rashami to shave 3 lines on the side of her head and she completes the task.  Vishal asks Arti to cut her hair, but when she agrees, Asim tells Vishal to change it.  Sidharth glares at Asim and Asim asks him to calm down repeatedly, irritating him.  Sidharth gets up and charges at Asim and Asim tells him to show respect for Hina and sit down.  Asim tells Sidharth to sit down and not do anything he will regret, because he can give it back too.  Sidharth gets angry and tells Bigg Boss that he’s going to hit Asim.  Bigg Boss intervenes and Asim tells Sidharth to stop barking and sit down.  Bigg Boss calls both men into the confession room and Asim leaves, Sidharth following shortly after.  The housemates continue arguing outside, taking sides on the issue.  Sidharth is told to go to the bedroom and Asim to the elite club.  Sidharth says that he will hit Asim and will leave the house for it.  Sidharth stays on and talks to Bigg Boss, venting.

As the elite task outside continues, the girls reach a point where they cannot move forward and Hina decides to scrap the task, saying she can’t give it to anyone.  As she leaves the house, Sidharth is released from the confession room and told to stay away from Asim for the day.  Mahira and Paras fight over Mahira’s insecurities over being called weak and she says she does not like people coming into the house and telling her she only listens to Paras.  Meanwhile, Asim talks to Rashami about how the fight with Sidharth started, saying that after he told Arti that he didn’t agree with Vishal’s challenge, Sidharth said he was playing the sympathy card and he told him to calm down and Sidharth began glaring at him. 

Shehnaaz talks to Rashami, Asim and Vishal about being hurt over Sidharth’s behavior and the three console her, telling her to play the game for herself now. 

Shehnaaz and Vishal talk about Rashami while sitting next to her, discussing how she’s soft and takes this too easy and needs to fight for herself to stay at the top.  They specifically talk about Arti and how she has abandoned Rashami in the game.  On the other end, Arti talks to Shefali about getting involved in misunderstandings due to Shehnaaz.  Shehnaaz sits with Sidharth outside and teases him, giggling and tries to make up with him, but he refuses to speak to her.  Later, he makes a comment about how if someone isn’t loyal to their parents, why should he expect loyalty from her.  Shehnaaz gets upset hearing this and confronts him, but he says he heard her say it himself and Shehnaaz tells him to stop talking about things she doesn’t know anything about.  As Shehnaaz lays in bed crying, Sidharth tells her that she’s been exposed. 

The nomination task begins.  The contestants can choose two contestants to “save” this week by moving their chess piece on the board while others can nominate and move back.  The goal is to get the piece across to the safe zone.  The groups begin strategizing.  Shehnaaz says that she will save Sidharth and later, when the three try to convince her, she says she will play her way.  Shehnaaz talks to everyone in the house, including Arti and Paras, showing that she’s playing the game now.  Sidharth is the first to go and he chooses to save Arti.  Mahira chooses to save Paras.  Later, Paras and Mahira console Shehnaaz. 

With Shehnaaz and Sidharth’s fight worsening and a fight breaking out between Shehnaaz and Arti and Mahira and Rashami, tomorrow’s episode promises to be action-packed.  

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