Bigg Boss 12 Shocker: Anup Jalota Calls Off His Relationship with Jasleen Matharu
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Bigg Boss 12 Shocker: Anup Jalota Calls Off His Relationship with Jasleen Matharu

65-year-old Anup Jalota has broken all ties with his 28-year-old girlfriend Jasleen Matharu and THIS is the reason

Bigg Boss 12 has been making a lot of noise ever since its launch this season and the main reason is the ‘Vichithra Jodi’, Anup Jalota, 65 and Jasleen Matharu, 28 who made headlines when they declared their love for each other on national television. Memes were made and Anup Jalota and his relationship became somewhat of a joke for social media users.

However, it seems like their relationship couldn’t stand the difficulty levels of the tasks in the Bigg Boss house as Anup Jalota has allegedly broken up with his girlfriend, Jasleen Matharu in the episode that aired last night.

Things started getting bad when for a task, Jasleen was required to make a choice in between her boyfriend Anup Jalota or her make-up and clothes and Jasleen decided to choose her make-up and clothes to which Anup responded quite calmly at that moment. But the next morning, he declared that he is no more in partnership with Jasleen and that they both are on their own. He also said that he was extremely disappointed with the way Jasleen performed the task and that he had never expected her to do what she did. Jasleen begged and asked him to understand her difficulty but Anup walked away saying she could have at least considered choosing him over her things.

Later, while in conversation a fellow contestant Sreesanth, Anup told him, “It is such small things only which bring out the reality of the person and the relationship.”

Now, if that is just another stunt for the hidden cameras or something more serious, will be known only in the forthcoming episodes.

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