Big B takes to voice blogging now
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Big B takes to voice blogging now

He can be heard in India on the mobile phone

Avid blogger Amitabh Bachchan has gone a step closer to his fans through vogging or vocal blogging by which they can hear his thoughts anytime and anywhere at the push of a button on their mobile phones.

The service called Bachchan Bol is being introduced by Inside India, which is a repository for licensable content and entertainment from Indian superstars.

"Bachchan Bol empowers me with a personal platform on which I can connect and speak directly with my fans across the globe anywhere and anytime. This is my way...From my films to my family, from my country to my city, you will be able to hear about it all, in my own voice, directly on your mobile phone," Bachchan said in a statement.

As part of the service, Amitabh will be sharing his personal and professional experiences from time-to-time. This service will be available to mobile users at a monthly subscription or pay-per-minute pricing model.

A spokesperson for Inside India said: "We are honoured and excited to launch this project with such a fantastic icon of Indian cinema. We know the power of Indian entertainment and we are firmly embedded in the innovation of technology and the digital world."

"Combining these two elements we are paving a new way for social networking, starting it in the world's most exciting country and taking it across the globe."

Fans in India can connect with the megastar by dialling 505678910** from their mobile and landline phones. They will also be able to get updates of Bachchan Bol by joining the Bachchan Bol Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Rediff or SMSGupShup groups or communities.

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