Bhool, Episodes 23 & 24:  Shahana Sabotages Aiman
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Bhool, Episodes 23 & 24: Shahana Sabotages Aiman

In ARY’s “Bhool,” Shahana and Sidra refuse to accept defeat, character assassinating Aiman to get their way

In the latest episodes of “Bhool,” Aisha (Saboor Aly) and Imran’s (Hassan Hayat Khan) romance blossoms with Aisha finally opening up to Imran, comfortable in the relationship and happy.  In the meantime, Aiman’s (Saheefa Jabbar Khattak) health deteriorates and she receives bad news from the doctor – which means more money is needed for treatment, sending Aiman into financial stress.  When Aisha asks, Aiman tells her she is just worried because of money for the wedding.  Aisha visits her father, Awais (AffanWaheed), and asks him for money, hoping to relieve her mother of her stress.  Awais happily gives her cash and his credit card.  But when Aisha presents the money to Aiman, she is displeased – obviously, because she needs the money for her treatment and does not want to accept money from Awais – and tells Aisha that this money belongs to her.

Imran’s mother visits Sidra’s home to let down Shahana (Nadia Afgan) and Sidra (Nimra Khan) gently.  Instead, Shahana and Sidra both react badly to the news of Imran and Aisha’s engagement and, in a highly manipulative move, Shahana tells Imran’s mother that Aisha is their illegitimate child, saying Awais and Aiman never had a Nikkah.  Imran’s mother expresses her discomfort to Imran, who frustratedly questions his mother on why it matters, but her change of heart is evident.  She visits Aiman, who tells her that she and Awais did, in fact, get married.  She then visits Awais and tells him that fingers are now pointing to Aisha’s legitimacy and asks him for a copy of their Nikkahnama.

It is really frustrating when a show has great, positive characters that are actually in-tune with the ways of the world and seem empathetic to situations……and then, suddenly, they are not.  The disappointment felt with Imran’s mother’s about-turn in regards to Aiman’s past is intense, as it has turned a highly positive role into one that falls into the category of “Log.”  You know, those “log kya kahenge” (what will people say?”) kind of log?  While Aiman has consistently told Imran’s mom that she would like to tell her about her past, Imran’s mom has consistently said that she does not care, as the past does not affect the future of their children.  But now suddenly when a false version of the past is revealed, she cares.  What makes the situation more irritating is the fact that Imran does not like Sidra, does not even consider her a friend and yet Sidra, her mother AND his mother consistently proclaim that Imran and Sidra are friends.  Why did Imran’s mother need to visit Sidra’s home at all?  The scenario is nonsensical – and she also should have gone at a time when Rashid was also present, knowing how manipulative these two ladies are.  But of course, logic and sense goes out the window when the story is “required” to show “zulm” and the “zaalim samaajh.”  Now at present, we will get to witness Aisha, once again, blaming her father for this scenario, once again isolating him from his daughter – and for what?  Something he has already been trying to make amends for?  This is a disappointing turn of events.  How the story of Bhool progresses from here will have to be seen.