Bhool, Episodes 21 & 22: Happier Times in Store

Bhool, Episodes 21 & 22: Happier Times in Store

In Affan Waheed-starrer “Bhool,” Awais finally gets the forgiveness and acceptance he has been waiting for.
Bhool, Episodes 21 & 22: Happier Times in Store
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Family relationships can be complicated. Despite what parents have done to one another, can a child truly pick a side and stop loving either one of his/her parents? And is it fair for parents to put their child in the middle of their problems? Ultimately, this is the topic “Bhool” is about at the heart of it all. While Awais made terrible mistakes (to put it lightly, his mistakes were actually quite evil), he has learned from it and has returned to make amends. While Amain’s excessive fear and grief initially seemed like it would forever burden Aisha and turn her against her father, the latest episode of “Bhool” turns things around, giving a more positive feel to the show.

Episodes 21 & 22 revolve entirely around Imran (Hassan Hayat Khan) and Aisha’s (Saboor Aly) relationship. Imran’s mother shows up at Aiman’s (Saheefa Jabbar Khattak) home and discusses Imran and Aiman’s relationship with her. When Aiman expresses discomfort regarding her own past, Imran’s mother comforts her, saying she doesn’t care to know the details of the past, because she would rather focus on Imran and Aisha’s future. She leaves a ring with Aisha, saying she will put it on her when Aiman and Aisha agree. Imran and Aisha begin talking and meeting, Aisha finally comfortable and happy with the relationship.

Awais and Imran’s mother talk and he invites her and Imran over for dinner. He speaks to Aisha and asks her to be present as well, but as she won’t come without Aiman, Aiman accompanies her as well. Aisha and Awais share an emotional moment, finally bonding as father and daughter, Aisha forgiving him. They join Imran, his mother and Aiman and Imran puts the ring on Aisha’s finger, the two officially engaged. While overall, this scene is very happy, it becomes awkward, as Aiman is being pacified every two minutes by Imran and his mother, almost babysitting her. At a time when they have come over for dinner, they are constantly persuading her to stay and then skip dinner to drop her home. Aiman is, unfortunately, an illogical, fairly unlikable character who finds it more appropriate to create spectacles rather than just sit silently out of respect for her daughter’s fiancé and his mother. Aiman is the sort of character that becomes grating to watch.

While Aiman may be a sore point in the show due to her illogical behavior, Affan Waheed is doing a great job as Awais. Viewers can really feel the emotion Affan presents as Awais and while this character has done terrible things, you are still able to feel badly for him and root for the repair of his relationship with Aisha. While Imran and his mother have been shining lights in the show to date, it seems as though next week will take a different turn when Shabana (Nadia Afgan accuses Aisha of being an illegitimate child in front of Imran’s mother. Will Imran’s kind, understanding, accepting mother suddenly change her stance and abandon Aisha?