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Bhai ho to aisa!

Salman gives Arbaaz's ailing career a booster shot!

Salman Khan is known to be helpful, and this time he is doing it for the family. He apparently told Boney Kapoor to re-launch his brother Arbaaz Khan in a big budget, solo hero film, and in turn Salman was ready to reduce his own fees.

According to sources, a few days ago Salman went to Boney Kapoor and asked if he would make a solo hero film with Arbaaz. Salman told Kapoor that he was ready to cut his fees for the Pokhri remake.

Kapoor quickly agreed and the two decided to make a film for Arbaaz. The film will be jointly produced by Salman and Boney and will hit the floors by the end of the year.

However, sources have not confirmed the news regarding reduction of Salman's fees. They say the actor and Kapoor are like family and there is no need to reduce the fees.

Kapoor too dismissed the rumours about the fee cut saying Salman and he do not discuss money at all, in fact, money does not come between them. He also said that they are one big family and the movie will be a joint venture between him and Salman.

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