Beauty Review: Spa Day Out at Six Senses Spa

Beauty Review: Spa Day Out at Six Senses Spa

A sensory delight awaits you at this gorgeous spa at Renaissance Downtown Dubai

It is a seriously different zone – one that uplifts, energises, calms and soothes your nerves in a busy, stressful world. The Six Senses Spa at the Renaissance Downtown Dubai is a luxury experience like none other. It’s not just the location, overlooking the canal that makes the difference, but the entire concept that makes it one a kind. 

Drenched in a palate of sand coloured walls, lights that exude mystery and décor that oozes elegance, the interiors give an indication of what’s in store. First impression? Wow. 

Then, as I learnt of its philosophy, the surprise and awe increased. Staying true to its name, Six Senses offers a holistic sensory experience. To achieve this goal, it has been divided into six suites – each one large, spacious with its own changing area, steam shower et al. It’s like your own personal haven of relaxation.

The suites are named Sound, Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste and Beyond and they play their role to put you in a blissful, dreamlike state. So if you select Sound, for instance, you get to lie in a healing vibroacoustic lounger while sound vibrations resonate through your body, encouraging muscles to let go of tension. The Sight suite will have you luxuriate under lamps that regulate the body’s natural circadian rhythm. The Taste suite boasted of a Hammam as well as a spice platter which could be selected by the guest to have their own scrubs or masks prepared for their treatment. Bespoke beauty, did you say?

Beauty Review: Spa Day Out at Six Senses Spa

The Alchemy bar at the Smell Suite. Creating magic! 

My favorite was the Touch Suite the prime attraction of which was the flotation pod. Yes! How I was itching to try it out. And my massage offered me a chance to do just that.

It began with a session in the salt infused steam shower room following which I spent about 15 minutes inside the flotation pod. It seemed like I was getting into some kind of a bizarre time machine but that’s the idea. The buoyancy created within the pod apparently removes the effects of gravity on the body, bringing you closer to a feeling of total weightlessness. This enables the mind to drift into a deep state of relaxation to reduce stress and promote healing. It was a unique experience.

Beauty Review: Spa Day Out at Six Senses Spa

The flotation pod 

I was then taken to the treatment area. And then the supremely relaxing massage began with almond oil. Kneading and pampering every muscle, with special attention given to the knotty areas like shoulder and back, my therapist used a combination of pressures to put me in a state of supreme relaxation, leaving the skin sparkling and soft.

The one and half hour session passed like a dream. After it was over, I felt light and calm. Sipping on a health drink in the relaxation area looking at the stunning Dubai skyline almost seemed like an ultimate high. The most riveting sensory experience ever.

INFO: Six Senses Spa, Renaissance Downtown Dubai, T +971 4 5125566

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