Beauty Review: Hair Styling at Tips and Toes

Beauty Review: Hair Styling at Tips and Toes

Tied and Tested by our Edition-in-Chief, Lekha Menon

THE PROCESS: Nothing can alter your look better than a brand new haircut and colour. While it’s well known that a new shade can do wonders for your overall look, the right colour that suits your skin tone is perhaps the most difficult choice to make. At least I am among those who are perennially confused about how to style my hair. Thankfully, Hala, the lead stylist at Tips & Toes at Palm Jumeirah knew better. With my previous highlights still stubbornly sticking to my mane, it took her only a few minutes to judge what my hair actually needed – a whole new shade and a few snips to add more layers and volume. Mixing a bit of blonde highlights, my hair was given a dark, chocolate brown colour from L’Oreal. First the highlights were worked upon for around 30-35 minutes following which the roots were treated for another 30 minutes.

Then a toner was applied for another 20 minutes.The toner, I was informed, was an essential element in the colouring process since it gave the highlights a uniform colour. It seemed a tedious process but the results, especially, after the cut that highlighted (literally and figuratively), the stunning shade of brown and gold on the layers.

MAINTENANCE: No new cut or colour can last if it’s not taken care of. And that’s exactly what I was advised – use only a colour-friendly shampoo and most important of all, regular conditioning for the hair.

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