Beauty Review: Hair Makeover at Station 10 Beauty Salon

Beauty Review: Hair Makeover at Station 10 Beauty Salon

Read Lekha Menon's review on the salon located at Ramada Jumeirah Hotel
Beauty Review: Hair Makeover at Station 10 Beauty Salon


If you are serious about a makeover, getting a good cut is half your battle won. I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into Station Ten Beauty Salon, a bright and cheery salon tucked inside the Ramada Plaza hotel. One look at my frizzy and dull (with lots of gray strands) and it was enough for Tanya Lobo, the owner, to decide what I needed – a radically different colour and a short, really short style.

Roger Al Achkar and Tony Saad, the two hair experts were soon at work, with Tony in particular deciding to go all experimental. Out went the unruly layers and in came symmetry. Tony then decided on giving me low lights to give my hair a whole new texture. His advice was simple: keep your skin, eye colour and shape of the face in mind while deciding on a hair colour. Finally, the base – a combination of four shades between brown and dark blonde, ash and ash brown was applied. After this, the colouring cream was used, to give the hair the perfect ash shade and a bit of shine.

Station 10 Beauty Salon


A dramatic change with gleaming highlights and smart cut that brings out the shades perfectly. The personal attention was the added bonus.


The key to maintain treated hair is to constantly check if your mane has gone dry or the ends are broken. Applying a good shampoo and mask is a must. Most importantly, get a professional deep conditioning treatment with your hairstylist.