Beauty Review: Gel Manicure/ Pedicure And An Express Facial at the Nail Spa

Beauty Review: Gel Manicure/ Pedicure And An Express Facial at the Nail Spa

Take a note of this must-try treatment!
Beauty Review: Gel Manicure/ Pedicure And An Express Facial at the Nail Spa

Being a millennial gal, the one thing I don’t have enough of is time. That just means it’s absolutely stressful to schedule in sometime to pamper myself at a spa, without having to miss out on some other important tasks that day! Thankfully during one such busy week, an invite to try out the ‘Cheer Me Up- Multitasker’ from The Nail Spa, came my way. Reading about the package in more detail, I figured that it offered a gel manicure, pedicure and an express facial, all that would be completed in just two hours.

Tucked away in the corner on the first floor of the Mall of the Emirates, this cute little spa looked like the perfect escape from my busy day. I was welcomed in by the polite staff who explained me my package and immediately handed me a large number of nail colour options to choose from (easily the widest range of colours I’ve ever come across).

I was asked to take my seat in a plush comfy sofa chair, which is where I spent the next joyous 2 hours of my time. After offering me a refreshing cup of green tea, the nail technician quickly started off with my manicure while another one took to working on my feet. While the manicure was mostly regular and well done, the pedicure is what caught my attention. The calming smell of the scrub and the cream had me floored, and sent me into a state of tranquillity. Following the routine, the technician wrapped my feet in a soft warm water cushion, which was easily the most relaxing thing to have happened to me all day!

As the women started applying the gel polish onto my nails (I chose a deep mustard for the fingers and dark purple for my toes), a masseuse started off with my express facial. Since this was an express one, I didn’t expect it to be too effective, but I was pleasantly surprised with the end result! The exfoliation, was followed by a scrub and then a pack, which was then washed off with warm water, making me feel surprisingly rejuvenated.

As the name suggests the treatment truly cheered me up and I was happy knowing that it didn’t require me to spend hours and hours at a spa! I was thoroughly impressed and will definitely go back to try out other quick services, and, you should too!

Price: The classic mani-pedi with the express facial will set you back Dhs 340, whereas a gel mani-pedi and an express facial will cost you Dhs 400! #TotallyWorthIt

Info: The Nail Spa, Mall of the Emirates, 1ST Floor, 600 544001