Beauty Review: A Massage to Remember at Luban Spa

Beauty Review: A Massage to Remember at Luban Spa

Indulge in a luxurious treatment to wash away the stress and feel rejuvenated. Check out our review!

‘Bespoke’, the very word evokes images of luxury and class. And when that word is used as a prefix to a body massage it definitely cannot be ignored. So, with great expectation, I made my way to Luban Spa, located in a villa at Jumeirah. The Spa with 9 treatment rooms and soothing interiors is a females-only spa, which not only offers relaxing massages and facials, it also provides other services like waxing, manicures and pedicures.

The friendly therapist explained to me that Luban, which translates to Frankincense in Arabic, is a very popular oil with deep cultural roots in the Middle East and is used in various perfumes and cosmetics.

As a precursor to the Bespoke Body Massage, I was given a refreshing drink made from Hibiscus. Later, I was led to a treatment room where the heady yet calming aroma of frankincense engulfed me. I was also asked about any sore muscles, which needed extra attention and the amount of pressure I was comfortable with. What followed was 90-minutes of pampering with a combination of massage, frankincense oil and hot stones working together to ease every ache and lull me into a state of bliss. The treatment ended on a sweet note of date balls with sesame seeds.

Go ahead try it for yourself. Let the Bespoke Massage speak for itself!

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