Beauty News: Padma Lakshmi Launches A New India-Inspired Line
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Beauty News: Padma Lakshmi Launches A New India-Inspired Line

The gorgeous model, best-selling author and inspirational celebrity is now a beauty collaborator for M∙A∙C. Read our exclusive chat with Padma Lakshmi

A role model for women of all ages, Padma Lakshmi is an achiever extraordinaire. Food expert, actress, The New York Times best-selling author, TV personality and entrepreneur, the India-born Padma Lakshmi has always used her global celebrity status for inspirational causes.  Now, the Emmy-nominated actress has, for the first time, entered an exciting collaboration – with beauty giant M∙A∙C Cosmetics, to produce a unique India-inspired capsule collection. Her unique eye shadow palettes and individual colours in liners and lipsticks are designed to bring out the inner beauty of women, making them feel confident in their skin and highlighting their best assets. In an exclusive, Padma Lakshmi tells Masala! all about her inspiration behind the collection…


From my first introduction to M∙A∙C, I was shown that people come in all different shades and shapes, and someone who is unconventional in appearance can still be attractive. M∙A∙C celebrates everyone – they promote campaigns with people and models who may not be viewed as pristine or feminine, they could have more prominent features, be a bit older, or a scar on their arm like me! They connect with someone who may consider themselves a misfit, and that made me want to be a part of their beauty message.

Beauty News: Padma Lakshmi Launches A New India-Inspired Line


While growing up and during my travels, I’ve experienced varied cultures, faces and ideas. I have also been mesmerised by paintings, streets, food and so many things that I wanted this collection to speak to all of these! Of course, I wanted eyes to be a focus because for Indian women, eye makeup is important. I always love purple eye-shadow, I wanted to include that not only in a rich eye shadow but also an eye liner. We created these dual ended eye liners so you have an option of either wearing one, or wearing both, as they blend so beautifully. There’s a gorgeous very inky black blue. I love a navy liner because it gives depth to the eye, and you can easily blend it outward to make eyes truly pop. For the face, I love the two toned look from the blush we created which accentuates the natural skin tone.


My first notion of beauty was intertwined with food. The most important thing that women did in my family was spend their daytime making the evening meal for the family! I also looked closely at how the older women in my life adorned themselves. They would stand in front of the mirror and make themselves up and I would be mesmerized as they applied their powder, placed their bindis and drew these beautiful purple and red circles. I fell in love with these rituals of self-adornment.


There are so many rituals in Indian culture associated with self-adornment that to me, femininity and makeup are intertwined. I find it relaxing to do my own makeup. I still have the enthusiasm of a teenager though not always the time. To me, beauty is whatever attracts the eye most.

Regarding personal beauty, I think everyone should strive to highlight their assets. For me, the beauty of a woman has everything to do with her eyes. That’s why this collection is focused on the eyes. We do also have six gorgeous lipsticks that suit every skin complexion and can easily be added to brighten the face whether you have on a full face of makeup or bare skin.

Beauty News: Padma Lakshmi Launches A New India-Inspired Line


I would like my daughter to understand that personal beauty comes from making the most of what you have. My daughter will grow up with many more resources than I grew up with, so she can go that much further. I will continue to be a support system for her in so many ways so I can make sure she understands what truly makes a person beautiful. It’s about multiplying, whether it’s through her actions towards people, or it could simply be the way she takes care of and respects herself.


Those of us who are never going to fit into that narrow mould of what is deemed desirable and attractive, have been silently waiting for this moment for decades. We know that all sizes are beautiful, all complexions are intriguing, and anything that’s “perfect” or “flawless” is often actually pretty boring. So I, for one, am over the moon that the media and the beauty industry is embracing a more inclusive, global, varied aesthetic. This is not only good for business, it’s good for all of us.

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