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Beauty flash!

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Fringe fashion
Kate Moss and co have been flaunting their fringe for ages. And in B'wood, Kim Sharma and Ayesha Takia were among the first to jump on the fringe-wagon. Now even Vidya Malvade has changed her hairstyle. We think she looked better before.

Kenzo Supplement Visage
Nourish skin with this hydrating facial serum.
Dhs265, Areej

Say goodbye to that iron!
Sounds impossible! Apparently not with Nivea Hair Care's three-step process. Using a combination of the Nivea Straight and Easy shampoo (Dhs12), conditioner (Dhs9) and straightening balm (Dhs13.50), one can end up with hair that stays straight without being weighed down.

* Available at leading supermarkets.

We Try, You Buy... Lip Balms


A steal if ever there was one and popular with men and teenagers too.

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF15,


With just that hint of colour for sexy summer lips.

Este Lauder Amber Bronzed SPF15,

The perfect accessory to a bronzed beach babe look.

Treatment of the week


Elche's Number 1

Elche Natural Beauty Salon, Jumeirah, 04 349 4942

How much?

How long?
120 minutes

The treatment: This mix of all-natural ingredients and high science promises dramatic results, featuring the application of a layer of fruit acids topped off with a hot paprika mask. And hot is more than accurate - the first inkling of the promised glow materialises in flushed, pulsating skin, but any discomfort is alleviated by a cooling fan and almond cream. After skin is then sterilised with a high-frequency device, a gel masque is charged with low-voltage electricity to oxygenate the skin.

The results: They weren't lying about the glow! Who'd have thought paprika could work such skin magic?

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