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Beauty flash!

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Skin advice
Kaya Skin Clinic offers a whole lot of services to keep your skin young, fresh and supple all summer long. Their main advice? Cleanse. Exfoliate. Moisturise. Visit one of Kaya's seven UAE centres for some nurturing.

Call 04 336 9081/82 to know more.

Stars Can't Live Without
Want to know Kate Hudson's squeaky clean secret? She cleans her skin daily with Eve Lom's Cleanser - the legendary make-up remover, cleanser, toner and exfoliator in one.

Dhs395, exclusively at Faces

If you don't want to use bright shadow, you can always highlight your eyes with kohl/liner, just like Bips.

Ask Basra
Q Recently, I met a woman who had matched her eye shadow with her dress. How does it work?

A Actually, using colour on the lids has come back in vogue! The trick is to blend the colour with a darker matte colour, either a black, brown or blue, and to use lots of mascara. Also, matching eye shadow with dress works best with purple, blue or green outfits. Also make sure you opt for a natural-looking blusher and a natural pale-looking gloss or lipstick to make your look trendily modern.

Beauty Alert!
For the ultimate pampering quick fix, visit Faces' new beauty room where you can indulge in a mini-facial, makeover or skin analysis session using all the latest products in store.

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