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Beauty flash!

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Bald facts

Here is a story that we never thought we'd file. Shilpa Shetty wanted to go bald for a project!

No really, she actually planned to lose her glossy locks for a film, but her contracts with cosmetic companies meant that she couldn't. Eventually she had to resort to make-up.

Shilpa says, "I'd have loved to shave off my hair, but my other commitments put an end to my plans. The bald prosthetics were done by a make-up artist named Vidyadhar. It took him three hours to make me look bald. And after I finished shooting it took an hour to take off the make-up."

Incidentally Kangna has been offered a role in a south Indian action thriller – if she will go bald. Will she or won't she...?! Just watch this space.

Rasasi anyone?

The perfect present for any occasion, the wonderfully scented Maa Arwaak for him and her, is an ideal Valentine's Day gift.

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Pixi pink

Make a statement with Pixi pink this Valentine's! Pixi's Blooming Lovely collection will surely add some pretty hues to your dainty features.

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Red-tastic = fantastic

Ladies, on V Day, avoid dressing head-to-toe in red – it will only make you look like a Heinz blimp! Instead paint your nails in fiery red hues and let your fingers do the talking.

Dhs32 in Cherry and Wildfire, Available at Tips 'n' Toes.

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