Beautiful Tresses

Achieve full-bodied hair with hair extensions at Sisters Beauty Lounge
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Beautiful Tresses

Looking to get the best hair days of your life with a crowning glory at its ideal luscious full-volume? You can have it with hair extensions, and Sisters Beauty Lounge has the expertise to give you thicker, longer hair that looks and feels so natural! Hair extensions have come a long way and going for the "Red Carpet" hair has become an exciting new trend for the modern women who dream of longer and thicker hair that gives a full-bodied, glamorous look. It used to be that hair extensions were limited to solely adding length to the natural hair but improvements and technology have since offered more options to include colour, texture and volume. Known for using only the best brands on its treatments, Sisters uses Hairdreams for its hair extensions service. Hairdreams is a worldwide leading provider of realhuman hair extensions, using only thoroughly-tested healthy virgin hair – that is, hair that has neither been coloured nor chemically-treated. During the consultation, Sisters hairstylist determines the strands needed according to the desired hair style, colour, and hair structure. The hair extensions are lengths of hair closely attached to the client's scalp. These strands have a connection tip, a so-called "Bonding", at the top, which is connected to the natural hair close to the root. The Bondingsare warmed up and are thus softened, at which point the natural hair and the hair extensions are attached together. This process is repeated strand by strand, until the desired hairstyle is achieved. The length of the process of hair extensions application will be dependent on the desired hair style and the number of strands that need to be applied. The wearing period of hair extensions depend on a client's individual hair growth, the structure and volume of the natural hair, and the desired hairstyle. Once the Bondingsslowly move away from the scalp as hair grows, theBondingswill become more visible, and should be removed. Hair extensions removal should be done at the salon. Sisters hair experts said that wearing hair extensions does not limit a client's lifestyle in any way, and she can still pursue the same hobbies and activities as usual. Clients can also style their hair as usual using blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron, as well as other processes such as perms or colour. Pricing for the service will be determined only after consultation as rate varies depending on the number of strands and what length is needed to achieve the desired hairstyle. Sisters Beauty Lounge is located in five locations throughout the country: Al Bateen in Abu Dhabi, The Village Mall in Jumeirah, The Dubai Mall, Mirdif City Centre, and the Mall of the Emirates. Opening soon will be the sixth Sisters Beauty Lounge branch located in St. Regis Hotel in Abu Dhabi.
Sisters Beauty Lounge, The Dubai Mall, +971 4 339 8500.