Balinese Treatment

Balinese Treatment

Go for this rejuvenating experience

Where: The Oberoi Dubai, Business Bay,

How Long: 60 minutes

How much: Dhs400

Treatment: The process began with the therapist washing my feet with warm water and giving me a gentle foot massage. I was then given the option of choosing from three essential oils such as geranium and lavender to calm the senses; ylang-ylang and lemon oil to induce relaxation and rosemary and lemongrass to create an uplifting mood. I opted for the ylang-ylang and lemon oil combination and was not disappointed. The therapist applied a mixture of techniques such as gentle stretching and acupressure during the massage. The warm oil was first gently massaged onto my back in smooth and flowing motions. The therapist further applied the right amount of pressure to all my knotted and sore muscles that made all the stress go away. It continued with the oil being applied onto my hands and feet in circular patterns that were truly relaxing. It was followed by a soothing head and neck massage that refreshed me. Further, the soft music, soothing aromas and lit candles made me extremely calm.

Results: The fragrant blend of the ylang-ylang and lemon oils definitely helped me relax after a hard day’s work and was a great pick-me-up. It was refreshing and helped in relieving all those muscle and body aches and left me completely rejuvenated. Head here to indulge in a completely refreshing sensory experience that will leave you in a state of sheer bliss.

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