Balakot Airstrikes: Five Bollywood Stars Who Support the Ban on Pakistani Actors

Ever since the Pulwama attack and Balakot airstrikes, there has been a clamour for total ban on Pakistani artistes in Bollywood. Here are five A-listers who support it
Balakot Airstrikes: Five Bollywood Stars Who Support the Ban on Pakistani Actors
Bollywood Artistes Who Support Ban on Pakistani Artistes

The border skirmish between India and Pakistan has triggered a subsequent chain of actions where we saw an Indian pilot getting caught by the Pakistani army and then subsequently released. Ever since the conflict began, a lot of Indian actors have advocated that India and Pakistan should not engage culturally. According to them, cultural exchange during times of war is inappropriate. These Bollywood actors say that Pakistani artistes should come out in the open to denounce war and specifically, India's fight against terrorism. Here are five artistes who support the ban on Pakistani artistes in Bollywood, given the tension between the two nations.

1. Kangana Ranaut

The Manikarnika actress feels that Pakistan should first act against terrorism before talking about cultural exchanges with India. She has taken a rather belligerent stand, calling for ‘destruction’ of Pakistan. She also added that given the opportunity, she would have taken the gun and ‘done the deed’. Later, she defended her harsh words saying that she was extremely upset with the brutality of the Pulwama attack and the views she expressed were instinctive. Kangana affirms that Pakistani artistes must acknowledge the country’s inaction against terrorists in its soil which is the root cause of all troubles.

2. Vidya Balan:

One of the few A-listers to speak out openly, Vidya said that Indians are not fighting against Pakistan as a country but were battling against terrorism. According to Vidya, Pakistani artistes working in India should acknowledge the fight against terrorism and support the efforts to root out hate from this world.

3. Ajay Devgn:

The star has said that during times of conflict there should be restrictions on bonhomie between artistes as it undermines the efforts of the armed forces and might demoralise them. He also took a stand, along with his producers, to not allow his latest film Total Dhamaal, to be screened in Pakistan.

4. Vicky Kaushal:

Vicky, who is riding high on the super success of his 200-crore film Uri: The Surgical Strike says that Bollywood selling tickets of their films in Pakistan when the Indian armed forces were fighting a war, was not an effective way to boost the morale of the army. According to Vicky, during times of conflict, the highest prerogative would be to boost the morale of the Indian army and Bollywood shouldn’t pretend was if nothing was happening.

5. Ranveer Singh:

Ranveer Singh was one of the few who believed that art and culture shouldn’t mix with Geopolitics and war. However, he feels that  Bollywood artistes should value the sentiments of soldiers and their families. "...We are not sacrificing the way some of our compatriots are. If there's even one mother of a soldier who believes that we shouldn't engage, we should follow that," said Ranveer Singh at an event recently.