Bala Vs Ujda Chaman Controversy: Writer Takes Ayushmann Khurrana Starrer to Court
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Bala Vs Ujda Chaman Controversy: Writer Takes Ayushmann Khurrana Starrer to Court

Writer Kamal Kant Chandra has accused the makers of Bala of copying his idea

While  the makers  of  two films  on premature balding, Bala and Ujda Chaman  battle it out over the  right to release first, a little-known  writer  and assistant director Kamal Kant Chandra has been battling in the court against the Bala team claiming copyright infringement. The  economically challenged writer is  now  on the verge  of penury.

Bala Vs Ujda Chaman Controversy: Writer Takes Ayushmann Khurrana Starrer to Court

Recounting his trauma  from the time he  took on Maddock Films (producer Bala) and Ayushmann Khurrana (the  leading man Bala) Kamal says,  “It all started when I  approached Ayushmann Khurrana on WhatsApp  with the  idea of a film on the  plight  of  a  prematurely balding man. Ayushmann seemed to like the  idea. When he  agreed to meet me  to discuss doing the film, it was a very big break  for a struggling writer and assistant director. We set  up a meeting. But when  I reached the venue Ayushmann didn’t come. Instead he sent  me a  message  through his business manager  that he  couldn’t make it and he  was  not  interested in doing  such a  film. I foolishly left my script for him to see at his  convenience.”

The next thing Kamal heard was that Ayushmann was doing a film Bala on premature balding with  the producers Maddock Films. Says  Kamal, “I  was  shocked. I had registered  my script with the Screen Writers Association in  2016. When I saw  the trailer  of Bala it  contained exact scenes from my  script. This is  my own story. I had gone  prematurely bald and  I had difficulty  finding  a wife for  myself. I finally  wore a wig and convinced a girl to marry me without  informing her about my baldness, hoping that she would accept me the way I am. But after she found  out  about my baldness she  divorced  me.”

Kamal says he has been  reduced to near-insolvency ever  he went to court against  the Bala producers. “ I  went to court in  March 2019. Ever since then I’ve been in and out  of courts. I have used up  all my savings fighting this  case. I’ve no  money left. My friends have  deserted me. They don’t take  my calls because they feel I only call to borrow money. No one  in the entertainment  industry, not even the writers’ association , came  forward  to help me. I am completely broke. I  respect the  judiciary. But what kind of laws permits  the powerful to  trample on  the rights of  small artistes like? My dreams of  directing  a  film are shattered. Forget that, no one wants to work with me now. I’ve been  ostracised by the entire entertainment  industry.”