Bala vs Ujda Chaman: Ayushmann Khurrana Claims Bala Had the Idea First!
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Bala vs Ujda Chaman: Ayushmann Khurrana Claims Bala Had the Idea First!

Ayushmann Khurrana said that his upcoming film Bala was the first one to bang on the idea, instead of Ujda Chaman

Two upcoming films in Bollywood, Ujda Chaman and Bala have been embroiled in a controversy. However, it was finalized a few days ago that Ujda Chaman would release prior to Bala. The makers of Ujda Chaman claimed that Ayushmann Khurrana's Bala was an exact copy of their film. But, the latter's production banner, Maddock Films denied all such claims. The matter even reached the court. And while the dates might have been set now, Ayushmann has, for the first time commented on the entire controversy, stating that Bala was the first one to bang on the subject before anyone else.

In a recent interview, Ayushmann explained, “We were the first ones to have this idea in the Hindi cinema and moreover it was shot first, our teaser also came first. But apart from that, it should be all positive. We are not here to pinpoint on others, or talk behind their backs.” The actor plays Bala in the film of the same name - a man suffering from premature balding, who’s running around trying to find a cure for his insecurity. Likewise, Ujda Chaman also follows the story of a very similar character, which is essayed by Sunny Singh.

While Ayushmann has claimed that Bala was the first one with the idea, Sunny, in the past, has denied from letting get his work get between his relationships with the other actors of the industry. He had said, “I am away from all of this. I am doing a film and I know that there’s another film, Bala, which kind of similar. Initially, I did feel, ‘Why and how is this happening?’ But then I realize that it’s okay. Ayushmann is playing his part and I am playing mine. We are both actors, doing our jobs. I love him and I’m a fan of his acting.”

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