Bajrangi Bhaijaan's Success May Spell Hope For Indian Girl in Pakistan
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Bajrangi Bhaijaan's Success May Spell Hope For Indian Girl in Pakistan

Sallu Bhai's film holds a lot more meaning for some than ordinary cine-buffs

Geeta has been living in Pakistan for over 12 years now, after being discovered as a little girl of eight or nine years in Lahore. It is not known how she ended up in Lahore, but Geeta currently resides in Edhi home with Maulana Edhi and Mrs Bilquis Edhi. In an article published in Dawn, Mrs Edhi who runs the centre says, "She misses home badly, even after so many years. She tells me she has four sisters and two brothers who are all normal, not deaf and mute like her. She also talks about her father and describes him as a very frail old man, who walked with a stick. God only knows if her parents are even alive now if they were that old 12 years ago. I have often encouraged her to move on with life. I have told her that I can find her a good husband, a Hindu boy if she likes, as she is of marriageable age now and no family has shown up looking for her until now but she doesn’t want that so for now I have let her be.”
Geeta’s story raised interest once again, thanks to the release of a Bollywood film Bajrangi Bhaijaan which tells the story of another little girl from Pakistan getting separated from her mother during a visit to India and losing her way there.
“Reporters come and go. They do interviews with our Geeta. They publish her story in newspapers and magazines but so far nothing has come of it other than raising the poor child’s hopes,” says Mrs. Edhi in the article.
“If no-one comes forward to claim her this time as well, she will fall into depression once again. Normally, she is a very religious girl keeping both her God and ours happy. But if nothing happens she will refuse to pray again for days and be cross with her Bhagwan and our Allah. We have been through this several times before, too, and this time it is thanks to that Bollywood hero Salman Khan,” Mrs Edhi smiled before looking at Geeta. “We watched the movie together. She loved its ending where the child eventually reaches home,” she added.
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