Bajirao Mastani or Dilwale: Which Film Will You Watch This Week?
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Bajirao Mastani or Dilwale: Which Film Will You Watch This Week?

We give you reasons to watch both

It is touted as the clash of the titans and rightly so. Whenever big films clash on the big screen, there are fireworks off it as well. Around six years ago, Shah Rukh Khan and Sanjay Leela Bhansali were pitted against each other when Om Shanti Om and Saawariya released on the same day. Shah Rukh and director Farah Khan went all out against Bhansali and emerged victorious. Unfortunately, the box office clash also resulted in the personal equations between all the players involved souring.

History is repeating itself once again with SLB’s Bajirao Mastani and Shah Rukh’s Dilwale hitting the theatres on the same day. Thankfully, this time around, there has been no personal mudslinging or acrimony between the two camps. But make no mistake, the competition is intense and both want to win! Hectic calculations are on in the industry and the bets are out on who will have the edge. According to reports, there can be only one winner in the race. The stakes are high. The production costs of both films are very high and the hype has been tremendous. Who has the upper hand? Here’s an analysis.



The SRK-Kajol Pair: This is the USP of the film. That it brings one of Hindi cinema’s most iconic pairs together after a long gap.

Rohit Shetty’s Midas Touch: Rohit Shetty’s name is enough to sell movies. His films have never been critics’ delights but they have that X factor that appeals to the masses. His collaboration with Shah Rukh had yielded Chennai Express – the makers constantly remind us of that fact. Will Dilwale match up?

Smart Marketing: Shah Rukh is a marketing genius and trade websites say Dilwale has already made its money and is in the safe zone thanks to tie-ups, satellite rights and other modes of revenue generation. What remains to be seen is how big a hit it is likely to be.  

Varun Dhawan’s Popularity: Varun has had an excellent two years with all his films being huge hits. He works as the perfect foil to Shah Rukh. His energy matches SRK’s maturity.

Holiday Mood: It’s nearing the end of the year and light, family oriented comedies are always a favourite with the audience during the festive season.



Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Vision: The trailer of Bajirao Mastani has been appreciated far more than that of Dilwale though there is no comparison between the movies, belonging as they do from two different genres.

Better Music and Visuals: From the trailers, it appears to be mounted on a grand scale. Bajirao Mastani has been SLB’s passion project and he has evidently given it his all.

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone: In this clash, SLB is on a firmer footing than he was in 2007 because of his lead pair. In Saawariya, he was launching Ranbir and Sonam Kapoor. It was hyped but not as exciting as Ranveer and Deepika. They have already proved their worth in Ram Leela and it would be interesting to see if they can recreate the same feeling.

A New Genre: For those who say that Dilwale has a better chance at the box office because of its genre (light, frothy action entertainer) than Bajirao… (heavy historical) only need to look at last year’s box office results. Haider was an intense political film pitted against Bang Bang that had all the makings of a blockbuster. But when they released, it was the quality of Haider that carried it forward.

The Controversies: The film is yet to release but has already landed in controversies with people claiming historical inaccuracies and a changed storyline. Films with controversies usually generate a lot of curiosity. Will it translate into ticket sales?





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