Baaji The Film Trailer Review
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Baaji The Film Trailer Review

Baaji, the upcoming film starring Meera, Osman Khalid Butt, Amna Ilyas and Mohsin Abbas Haider is going to be released soon. Sadiq Saleem reviews the trailer hence

Sadiq Saleem reviews the trailer of the upcoming Meera starrer Baaji.

They say, ‘…the winds blow the fastest on the top of the mountain’ perhaps that is why one cannot be on the top for long. Where the young and fresh blood taking the torch form the experienced one is considered as a normal evolution and succession concept in a corporate world, it certainly isn’t viewed and taken in the same spirit in the context of the film industry - an industry where you are as good as your last film and ironically that line on the face becomes a permanent scar on the career in no-time. Afterall, despite all the content-based films popping up recently, there are still a bunch of production houses that prefer their crores riding on the waistline than the storyline.

The teaser of Saqib Malik’s much awaited directorial debut Baaji, featuring Meera, Amna Ilyas, Osman Khalid Butt, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Ali Kazmi has just released today and it looks dramatically entertaining. Going by the trailer we assume that the film revolves around an actress whose time is running out and who is trying to save her sinking career and avoid being replaced by newer talent. The film pretty much looks like our peek into the muck, the politics and the bargains that the life in the limelight normally entails.  In the teaser, there is a director who is looking for a classic face and there is a sequence in front of the mirror where Meera is ogling at herself – that scene I believe is going to be an interesting sequence.

Having said that, this is not a unique storyline. There is alcohol, there is sex and there is a sex tape as well.  Three of the most famous ingredients of a film based on the dooming film stars. Archives are filled with plots revolving around the life of the sinking stars that once shone the brightest on the film firmament - Heroine, Fashion, Dirty Picture, Woh Lamhe to name a few. But nothing of this sort has come out from Lollywood which is going to be its USP. Saqib Malik is known as a creative genius and he has been working on the project for a long time. Surely, he has seen the industry from the inside and he will leave no story unattended.

And above all, there is Meera. She is a unique star. She is one of those rare kinds whose presence or association with the brand can still pull the crowds in. Come to think of it, she hasn’t been seen in any credible film in the last decade or more, but her legend refuses to fizzle out. She is capable and looks good and Baaji could just be the redeeming project for the superstar.

The film release date has been smartly chosen as all the Eid releases will have completed 3 weeks by then which is a good lead time for the next film to be showcased. The film releases on th 28th of June.

Watch the trailer here:

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