Baahubali Star Prabha's Uncle Says He is Getting Married This Year
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Baahubali Star Prabha's Uncle Says He is Getting Married This Year

While speculations are rife about Prabhas and Anushka Shetty dating, the Baahubali star’s family has a say too

Tollywood hottie Anushka Shetty has taken a break this year from movies and currently on a trip to pilgrimage sites dotting the Gangotri. We have also been also informed that Anushka Shetty didn't take up the role in Saaho that was shot in the UAE recently, saying that she needs a break, after which the role went to Shraddha Kapoor. Speculations have been rife that Anushka is currently dating her Baahubali co-star Prabhas though the couple has never admitted to it.

While speculation is still rife about their marriage, comes another bomb-shell from one of Prabhas’ family members that he will be getting married this year. Prabhas’s uncle and popular Telugu star Krishnam Raju has confirmed that his nephew will definitely tie the knot this year. The news, however, doesn’t come as a surprise to many because Raju has said this on a few occasions over the last few years. Talking to reporters in Hyderabad on the occasion of his birthday a few days ago, Raju said: “Every time I meet the press, I’m always asked when will Prabhas get married. I’m slightly ashamed to answer the question now. But he will get married this year. He intends to.”

In 2016, Prabhas promised his uncle he’d get married as soon as he completes the shooting of Baahubali 2. “He promised me he would get married by the year-end. He even asked us to search a suitable bride for him,” the veteran said. Prabhas, too, on several occasions had said that his uncle would search a girl for him and that he’ll enter wedlock when the time is right. Meanwhile, reports keep emerging every now and then that Prabhas and Anushka are in a relationship. Some sources close to the family also reveal that while he may share great chemistry with Anushka, the family is conservative and he won’t defy them.

When Hindustan Times recently caught up with Anushka, she rubbished these reports, describing her relationship with Prabhas as purely platonic. “I do come across these reports. I have a good laugh and move on. Neither of us (Prabhas) pay too much attention to these things. Prabhas is a good friend,” she said. Well, let's see if there's more to this cliched "good friend" dialogue as in Bollywood we see all the good friends turning into couples all too frequently! And fans of the two stars certainly hope that they do become a couple in real life too.

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