B-town Stars Criticized For How They Partied With Ed Sheeran
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B-town Stars Criticized For How They Partied With Ed Sheeran

Here's what they had to say in reply!

The trend of Bollywood stars clicking clingy selfies with international stars has drawn wide condemnation from the social media. Articles after articles have been written about how Bollywood stars are looking like wannabes in front of international stars on social media sites like Instagram.

Ed Sheeran when he was in Mumbai had a party with a lot of Bollywood actors and he seemed a little distraught if the pictures are anything to go by. However, some of the Bollywood actors have responded in private saying that a simple issue is being made into a mountain and Ed Sheeran was completely enjoying himself.

"We wanted to party and he was a reason for us to party. We party like that only. He never said that he had a problem, why are you having one," fired a Bollywood actress when asked about it. Most Bollywood stars went on to admit that they don't care about the criticism on social media.

Well, if Ed and our stars had no problem, we don’t see one either!

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