B-town Moms Reveal their Fitness Secrets

Neetu Singh, Soni Razdan and Ayesha Shroff on how they stay in shape!
B-town Moms Reveal their Fitness Secrets

Age is nothing but a number, and some of our B-town mums go on to prove just that! Off late, various fitness regimes and diet plans of our b-towners have been taking the internet by storm, but have you ever stopped to wonder what the yummy mummies of some of our A-list stars do to keep fit?

Breaking all stereotypes and giving us some major fitness inspiration, here are some supermoms who have managed to stay in shape and done it oh-so-gracefully! Check out the absolutely fit and fab b-town moms, and find out the secrets to their fitness!

One mom who definitely aces the fit list is Neetu Singh. Being married into the Kapoor Khandaan, one would imagine staying fit would take some real serious effort, but the Deewaar actress looks like she had it all under control! In a recent sit down with Mid-Day, Neetu Singh revealed that maintaining her weight has been a struggle. She was quoted saying, “I'm not genetically slim, don't have an athletic body and cannot eat all I like. Yet, if exercise is a constant in your life, you will get fitter by the year.” She goes on to speak about the vital role diet plays in her keeping in shape, “Rishi and I eat the same home-cooked food, which is always healthy. Of course, when he goes out, he goes berserk and is never sensible with ordering. But at home, I control what he eats.”

However, we all have weak spots right? Neetu Singh admits to having a sweet tooth- for caramel pudding and chocolates in particular. But sticking to the rule of enjoying everything in moderation, Neetu limits herself to two chocolates every night! Her fitness routine involves high-intensity Plyometric exercises also called jump training. Here’s a quick 20 minute Plyometric workout for first timers:

Next on our list is Soni Razdan, who dedicates her fitness gains to the power of Yoga. Blessed with good genes, Razdan spoke to Mid-Day about her struggle to put on the kilos saying, “I had a blessed youth. I was naturally thin and never gained weight, despite eating everything. When I was Alia's age, I was so skinny that I didn't need to exercise. If I had worked out, I would have lost a kilo overnight.” Now those are some genes we all wish we inherited!

Along with yoga, the Saaransh actress loves her Pilates! Like mother like daughter, right?

Besides yoga, Soni Razdan is a trained ballerina and loves to swim. Given all her fitness interests, staying in shape must have been a cake walk.

Last but not the least, let’s not forget the super fit and gorgeous Ayesha Shroff. Take a step back and notice the Shroff family, if you see closely, they’re all fit as fiddles and emit a positive fresh vibe. How you ask?

Ayesha’s obsession with Bruce Lee might just be the answer. Taking her love for the martial arts icon a step ahead, Ayesha took keen interest in Taekwondo and later emphasized on the importance of martial arts training for Tiger Shroff too. She insisted on the kids being active and that glow really does show on each one of them! Ayesha revealed that her motivation to maintain her fitness came from the fact that her husband was “constantly surrounded by beautiful women." She said, “I don't want to look like an elephant next to them, after all. You want to look good for the people you love.”

Ayesha owes major credit to Nitesh Sharma, who got her addicted to weight training, which is something she now swears by.