Azfar Rehman: Chhalawa is a Film You Can Watch with Your Friends and Family
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Azfar Rehman: Chhalawa is a Film You Can Watch with Your Friends and Family

In an exclusive chat with Masala! Azfar Rehman, Sadiq Saleem asks what Azfar and Mehwish are up to in Chhalawa

If there is one man in the Pakistani entertainment industry who has had his fingers in every pot possible, it's Azfar Rehman. Taking giant leaps from hosting to modeling and then on to doing TV serials, films and web-series; this man has done it all, yet one can't seem to have enough of him. He stares right back at you from those giant billboards of most of the leading men's wear brand around Eid, but more than that, everyone is eyeing on his next big Eid release Chhalawa.

Sadiq Saleem: You have been around for almost two decades in the business ... what made you stay away from films for so long?

Azfar Rehman: After I signed Punjab Nahin Jaungi many film scripts came my way but they were not as interesting. Then came Chhalawa and I was all for it. I have worked with this team before and have good equation with everone involved. Plus our revived film industry is still very young and films like Chhalawa will contribute to make it bigger and better.

SS: One line for each of your costars?

AR: Mehwish: Jaaneman! Shine on. Zara: the next nation's sweetheart. Asad: watch out for the powerhouse of talent. Ashir: a small wonder!

SS: You think Chhalawa is a block buster on the way because of less competition during Eid?

AR: A Good film will always be a blockbuster, competition or no competition. And Chhalawa has it all to make it big. It's the kind of film you want to go and watch with your family and friends. It's something I myself would love to watch. At the end of the day, the agenda of any film should be to entertain the audience and Chhalawa fits the bill completely.

SS: Mehwish Hayat and you are seen often together on and off screen, most recent being the webseries. Does Chhalawa offer anything different as far as you two are concerned?

AR: Different is not always nice. There are few things in life which are great as they are like love, friendships, taste for music and literature and so on. So our equation is like that as well. People like to see us in a certain way and they will love us in this film as well. I am sure everyone will be happy to see us one more time in this emotional joyride that has great music and some really funny moments.

SS: You have worked on some solid serials that got high TRPs. Which of your recent work you love the most ?

AR: Aatish my last serial has won me accolades all around the world. But it will be unfair to not mention my director Saima Wasim and co-actor Hina Altaf for making it easier for me. I have always been proud of my work that I have done on television. Pakistani serials are watched no matter which part of the world you are and this has allowed me to reach to a wider audience.

SS: What do you have to say about the Pakistani stars fighting left right n center on the social media? How have you not fallen in that trap as yet?

AR: They all need to get a life! May be all this attention and money are very new to them and they are taking their own sweet time in digesting it. But such things put you under a bad light and one must try to cement their position with their body of work not through this crap. These insta-posts calling for hate may live for a short while on our timelines but they have a long lasting impression.

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