Ayesha Omar’s Green Journey

Ayesha Omar’s Green Journey

Ayesha Omar’s green journey started three years ago and here’s what she’s discovered so far about living a fully organic life
Ayesha Omar’s Green Journey
Ayesha Omar

If you are an avid Pakistani dramas and movies industry fan, you definitely must have heard about Ayesha Omar. The glamorous girl next-door has made a prominent mark in the entertainment industry especially her character Khobsorat in comedy drama “Bulbulay”. Ayesha’s Go Green journey started 3 years ago when she decided she had to completely change her diet, which changed everything. Her skin, weight, energy level and more by simply changing her grocery list.

Ayesha Omar’s Life Hacks For All-Things Organic:

Ayesha opens up about her first step to her healthy and active life. She started taking some major life hacks to go on an all organic diet free of fast food culture that people are unfortunately getting habitual to. Some of her life hacks are:

· Ayesha prefers fresh fruits, veggies, and mostly, she prefers to go shopping from Empress Market for fresh groceries.

· Replace one meal time of the day entirely with salads and see where that gets you.

· Ayesha makes sure she’s snacking on healthier alternatives, like a bag of dry fruits etc.

· Cook your meals in vegetable oil.

· She eradicated refined carbs as well as processed foods needed to be excluded from her diet.

Her Secret Green Juice Recipe:

While sharing her favorite green juice recipe, she mentions not preferring to do fruit juices. She explains that fruits has a lot of sugar/fructose (although good) but you shouldn’t have too much of it. She blended all the ingredients in her blender to retain all the fibers in the smoothie-like dink.

· 1 cup spinach

· 1/2 glass water

· 1 small cucumber with skin on

· 1 bell pepper

· 1/2 apple (green preferably)

· 3 pieces of ginger

· 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric

Blend everything together and devour it.

Ayesha’s Favorite Hydrating Organic Drinks:

According to Ayesha her skin is very dry and she believes in maximum hydration and binges on organic vegetables that are water dense and can satisfy my water intake. Apart from her vegetable intake, she shared two of her favorite organic drinks.

Her Iced Tea Drinks:

· Green tea

· Lemon

· Honey

· Ice

Just make regular green tea, let it cool and add dash of lemon and honey for that extra sweetness. Drink it all day to keep dehydration at bay.

Organic Flavored Water:

· Fruits: Kiwi, Strawberry, apples, oranges

· Water

Just add your favorite fruits in water and drink your favorite fruit infused water all day for maximum hydration.

According to Ayesha, the journey of a healthy life starts with a clean diet. Adding on, having a clean diet, is a good habit, there are people who say things like “you are very conscious about your diet,” it is a good thing, there is nothing bad about wanting to stay healthy and choosing what you should eat to embark on the journey to health and fitness.

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