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Authentic Desi Joint

Mouth-watering variety in KBQ

For long I have been looking for a desi joint that brings back the authentic flavours of the kababs and curries you get in India or Pakistan. I didn't want the watered down version that is served in most Dubai restaurants; I wanted the real deal – hot spices, rich gravy and flavour without the tell-tale ghastly oil that seems to be prevalent in most Indian food here! My search ended at KBQ located in Umm Al Sheif Rd in Jumeirah. The pleasant ambience with traditional and contemporary art instantly made a positive impression on me and I decided to take advantage of the pleasant weather and sit outdoors. A friendly waiter brought over two menus and each looked exhaustive. The first one had the traditional dishes while the other had several Thai and Chinese options.

The BBQ grills and kababs seemed delicious – BBQ chops (juicy mutton chops marinated with a blend of spices), fish tikka (fillet of fish marinated in yoghurt and light tandoori masalas), mutton shammi kabab, vegetarian kabab, galavati kabab, and other haandi' dishes. The Thai-Chinese menu included the regular classic rice and noodle dishes, soups, seafood and vegetarian options. It was indeed going to be a difficult choice to make but I decided to try a bit of both!

But first I wanted to have the chaat. The chana chaat tickled my palate with its tangy flavour and whet my appetite for the mains!

Beginning with the Chinese menu, I ordered the chicken chowmein and fish with garlic and pepper. The fish was an absolute delight – tender and fresh. The flavour of garlic and pepper added the right amount of spice to it. I quite enjoyed the chicken chowmein too – the noodles were soft, yet not too squishy. As a chicken lover, I would have preferred a little more meat in the dish but overall, it was terrific. The Chinese-Thai menu was an added attraction but the USP of KBQ was its Pakistani cuisine and it was time to do justice to it!

The chicken achari (boneless chicken cooked in tomatoes and spices made with pickles) that I finally ordered went perfectly with my soft garlic naan. What I liked about the dish was that it was not dripping with oil or spices as is the case in most other restaurants. It really brought back memories of home and I mentally made a note to try the other curries on my next visit.

It was time for dessert and what better choice than the shahi tukra – sweet, rich and lip-smacking. A perfect end to a memorable meal!

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