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Ask basra

My skin is dark and dull and I have tried all kinds of bleaching creams, but to no avail

Ask basra

Q My skin is dark and dull and I have tried all kinds of bleaching creams, but to no avail. What do you suggest?

ASunscreen of SPF 30, at the least, should be applied daily as this will protect the skin and prevent it from getting darker. With continued usage over a period of time (three to four months) it will actually help your complexion revert to its natural colour. If you are still not happy with the tone of your skin, experiment with bronzers to give you the glow you are after. Just ensure that you use the right shade of bronzer to avoid darkening your skin.

Treatment of the week


Couples Mango Honey Milk Treatment


Spa InterContinental, Dubai Festival City, 04 701 1257

How much?


How long?

120 minutes

The treatment:
The absolute decadence of sharing a treatment with your hubby sets this treatment apart from the rest. First, your body is scrubbed down with an organic citrusscented exfoliator.

After rinsing off, you're then covered in a soothing blend of warm mango butter, honey and sweet orange oil before being cocooned in fluffy towels. For the next 10 minutes succumb to a relaxing head and shoulder massage, whilst the organic concoction soaks into your skin. After a quick rinse, a vigorous knot-busting massage melts aches and pains while you drift off. A mini facial rounds off this fabulous treatment with chakra stones placed on the body to restore energy flow.

The results: Two hours later you emerge feeling utterly relaxed and ready to tackle anything.

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