Ash's Tamil trouble
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Ash's Tamil trouble

Coordinating dates with Robot co-star Rajnikanth may be a problem

Aishwarya Rai may be excited about landing the female lead in Shankar's magnum opus, Robot, but the actress seems to be having a tough time trying to match her dates with superstar Rajnikanth.

Before Ash confirmed for the project, there were reports that she was not interested. The reason behind Ash's reluctance was the fact that she would have to commit bulk dates for the project.

Sources reveal that Shankar wanted two months of back-to-back dates from the actress. But she was not in a position to commit the required dates. However, Shankar needed those dates as they matched with Rajni's. He has been having a tough time trying to coordinate the dates.

Since the film is being made on a lavish scale, the director understandably does not want to take any risks and incur losses.

Another reason for Shankar's worry is that the plot of Robot has been leaked and he wants to make sure the film goes on the floors before anyone else steals the idea.

For the time being, the director has decided to shoot with Rajni and Ash separately. He is shooting their solo scenes first and will do the joint scenes as and when their dates match.

The casting itself took time as Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone backed out of the project and had to be replaced with Rajni and Ash. Now Shankar does not want to delay the project any further. But will Ash and Rajni be able to spare dates together is a big question?

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