'Ash is just a pretty face'

'Ash is just a pretty face'

She's an example of bad acting, says a stand-up comic
'Ash is just a pretty face'

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

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Ash just has a pretty face but can she act too?

These comments on Aishwarya Rai have reportedly come from Russel Peters, a leading Canada-born stand-up comedian of Indian origin.

Peters says he dislikes everything about Bollywood and will not watch a Hindi film ever. He feels there is nothing except singing and dancing in these movies. Story is absolutely missing.

Speaking on Aishwarya Rai he says she is the best example of bad acting. In fact, she is one person who has proved that bad acting can do wonders and she has become a big name in the industry just by having a pretty face, Russel has said.

Russel Peters will be in India shortly and is scheduled to perform in Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi in the last week of October.

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