Aryan Khan Avoids the Paparazzi
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Aryan Khan Avoids the Paparazzi

The star kid was spotted out and about town

Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan, who has become a social media celebrity, was recently spotted in Bandra. According to reports, the star kid tried to be elusive and escape the paps, but wasn’t successful.

Aryan recently graduated from London's Sevenoaks School and since then speculation has been rife that he might follow his father's footsteps and join Bollywood.

But SRK has made it clear that he will only allow Aryan to join Bollywood after the youngster completes his education. Soon, Aryan will be off to the US where he's supposed to join a film school.

SRK was quoted saying, “We have never subjected our kids to the stardom. When they were born I was already a movie star. What has been clearly told or understood by them is that I work very hard. Initially, yes when I used to go to school they felt awkward because everybody was referred to as Ramesh’s father or Geeta’s father – but I was called Shah Rukh Khan. My daughter used to be a little taken aback. But no they are not embarrassed of me. My son Aryan never comes for my shows or shootings. My children have been brought up in such a way that whatever I do outside of our house is not something they have to necessarily keep a tab on.”

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