Arth Remake With Jacqueline Fernandez Leaves Arth Fans Speechless

Arth Remake With Jacqueline Fernandez Leaves Arth Fans Speechless

Arth remake is being planned with Jacqueline Fernandez with veteran Tamil actress Revathy

Veteran Tamil actress is Revathy is now directing a remake of Mahesh Bhatt’s 1984 cult classic Arth with the guru Mahesh Bhatt’s consent. But it’s generally believed by those filmmakers who matter that Arth belongs to the category of inviolable works of art. A prominent epic director in an off-the-record conversation expressed his dread over the announcement. “There are certain films one can’t even dream of doing again.  Mughal-e-Azam, for instance. Or Pakeezah. Or for that matter Sujata and Amar Prem. Arth is definitely a film that shouldn’t be tampered with.”

Not surprisingly Mahesh Bhatt , known to be  liberal in his creative space, has given his blessings to Revathy who  told  a tabloid , “I didn’t accept the offer immediately as Arth is not a film you can think of remaking, but after speaking to Bhatt saab … I was convinced that we can do it. However, this one is not a remake but a modern take on Arth.”

How modern, we soon got to know.

In what could come as a  shocking  casting news to many fans of the film ,it was  revealed that  Jacqueline  Fernandez would play the  role of  the  Other Woman in this  story of  marital  infidelity.

The  role  based  on  the  actress Parveen Babi  was  originally taken to  sublime heights  by Smita Patil.

Jacqueline Fernandes???

Says a caustic actress who was very close to the original Arth. “If she is serious about signing this actress then I don’t think Revathy is serious about remaking Arth.”

On the other hand a source close to the Arth remake says Revathy has not approached any actor. “So I really don’t know if this is someone’s marketing team’s wishful thinking.”

  While  refusing to comment  on the remake  Shabana Azmi who played  the  imperishable part  of  a deserted wife in Arth says, "Mahesh Bhatt's Arth remains a milestone in  my career. I continue to meet women who say that it was a transformative experience for them and gave them tremendous strength.”

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