Arooj, the Leather Jacketed Girl at Faiz Festival is More Than Just a Girl Chanting Slogans

Arooj, the Leather Jacketed Girl at Faiz Festival is More Than Just a Girl Chanting Slogans

Arooj Aurangzeb and her fellow students took Faiz Festival in Lahore to chant slogans about student rights. She is a student of Punjab University.

Arooj Aurangzeb has literally taken entire Pakistan by storm due to her recent video which was posted on Twitter. Social media has recently been ablaze with Arooj Arurangzeb’s video where she can be seen chanting the slogans for the students’ rights. Arooj Aurangzeb and her group of friends decided to protest against the violations of students’ rights in their creative yet peaceful way. On Social media, one could see a girl wearing a leather jacket and chanting louder than anyone possibly could. She was severely mocked and taunted on the social media because she was wearing  a ‘leather jacket.’ Yes, you heard it right!

A vast majority of Pakistanis completely went haywire against the young girl and accused her of being an elitist who was wearing a ‘leather jacket.’ According to these people, the elitists did not have a right to protest for the rights of their fellow students. Arooj Aurangzeb who is a student at Punjab University and a theatre activist revealed that students were denied the right to student unions through fair elections. Unions have been banned in Pakistan for a long time.

It is ironic that people were quick to jump to conclusions about Arooj Aurangzeb and her entire movement making assumptions about her on the basis of what she wore.

According to Arooj Aurangzeb, it was unfair for people to label a person liberal just because of a jacket. To Arooj Aurangzeb, everyone in the world should be progressive and not liberal. According to Arooj Aurangzeb and her fellows, if a decision influences someone’s life they have the right to participate in that decision. Arooj Aurangzeb is associated with a  Punjabi theatre group in Lahore which works for activism through theatre and not focus merely on the entertainment aspect of it. According to Arooj, she and her theatre colleagues worked on Bulleh Shah and Shah Hussain’s ideology.

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By Saadia Ahmed
Saadia Ahmed is a Bollywood and cheesecake fanatic with no obvious interest in space travel. She tweets @khwamkhwah day in and out